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Ericsson NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA

by Edwin van Eck

Want to integrate, for example, MMS, SMS, call control, user location, or user status with your applications? Parlay/OSA provides interfaces for these capabilities, making them easy to use. Ericsson's NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA application development let you create applications for Ericsson's Network Resource Gateway.

Ericsson's comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing Parlay/OSA based applications contains JAVA API sets, a network simulator, a graphical user interface, example applications, and much more. The Parlay simulator available since 2001 has undergone major improvements and is now known as the Ericsson NRG (Network Resource Gateway) Simulator. In addition to the simulator, the new Ericsson NRG SDK comprises a set of tools, libraries and documentation.

No limits
OSA/Parlay opens the capabilities of the telecom network to the IT-world, creating an enormous potential for new applications. For example, the following services can be combined:

User Location It knows where the phone is.
User Status It knows if the phone is on, off or busy.
SMS It can now send and receive SMS messages.
MMS It can now send an MMS message.
E-mail It can send and receive an e-mail message.
WAP-push It can now send WAP-push messages.
PIM Contact It has access to the contact list of the user.
PIM Calendar It also has access to the calendar of the user.
Call Control It can set up phone calls to a user.
Multi Party call control It can set up phone calls to many users, such as with conferencing.
User Interaction It can ask the user to type in digits on their phone.
It can also play announcements to the user.

The new Ericsson NRG SDK for Parlay/OSA

The Parlay section of Ericsson Mobility World offers the following features:
  • NRG SDK with support for MMS, SMS, e-mail, WAP-push, multi-party call control, contact list, calendar, user interaction (including announcements) user location and user status.
  • Application development support for both fixed and mobile networks.
  • Advanced network simulation, allowing for offline development, debugging, testing and even demonstrating your application. Note that not all Parlay APIs are included in the simulator yet. Currently the following APIs are supported: MMS, SMS, multi-party call control, user interaction (including announcements) and user location.
  • Example applications (with source code).
  • Demo applications (Demo Guide and source code included).
  • Programmers Guide for Parlay Development.
  • Three educational videos on Parlay Business and application development.
  • A complete downloadable CD (over 200 MB) covering everything needed to create your own Parlay/OSA applications.

    A screenshot of the NRG Simulator

    Additional services
    In addition to its free, downloadable resources, Ericsson also offers services in application development, training and verification of applications.

    Most of the testing of your application can be done on the NRG Simulator. After simulator testing, Ericsson can offer testing and verification services over a live test network. Here your application is connected to an Ericsson service network via the Ericsson Network Resource Gateway. This is connected to a wide range of enablers such as MMS-Cs, SMS-Cs, mobile positioning centers, WAP gateways and service switching points. Ericsson also offers software development courses, requiring basic software engineering skills and knowledge of JAVA.
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