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PersonalJava Training From SonyEricsson - The Ericsson Mobility World site is gearing up for the release of the SonyEricsson P800, reported to be sometime in September. Amongst the material on the site is a training course introducing PersonalJava Development using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. This week Richard takes a seat in the SonyEricsson classroom.

Wireless Java’s Call to Arms - With wireless Java’s infrastructure now in place, it’s time for handset manufacturer’s, wireless carriers and the wider market to do away with indifference and heed the battle cry, reports WDN’s Nicki Hayes

Securing the Future of Wireless Java - Java has long been touted as the platform of choice for wireless developers yet there has been little evidence to date of any compelling wireless applications being developed in J2ME. WDN asks why and reveals some breaking news that should put a smile on the face of those millions of developers who would, allegedly, prefer Java. (June 21, 2002)

WIRELESS DEVICES - JAVA'S NEXT HOME - What could possibly make a mobile and Java combination so much more compelling and captivating than its failed union with the PC? Will Java truly occupy the new breed of intelligent mobile devices as its new home? Read on for details.

Introduction to Java Development on the Symbian Platform - Read on for Symbian Platform Java Fundamentals and more, contributed by Richard Bloor. (03.11.02)

Announcing the Java (TM) 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit - WIRELESS TOOLKIT ENHANCES LEADING JAVA IDES TO ENABLE OVER-THE-AIR DELIVERY OF APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES - Sun Microsystems announced today the offering an enhanced version of the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit. Designed to help generate more rich and innovative applications and services for Java technology-enabled devices, the updated toolkit securely integrates with major Java technology Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). (11.26.01)

NEWS-WIRELESS... SUN's Latest Version Of J2EE - Java technology is key to cross-platform independence and this latest version of J2EE enables companies to integrate their legacy systems with evolving standards, allowing them to deploy a competitive architecture for web services (09.24.01)

Interview with Rick Rowell, Metrowerks' Strategic Marketing Manager for Wireless Technology
At this years JavaOne conference Metrowerks made a number of announcements about Wireless Java tools within their well-respected CodeWarrior IDE. Richard Bloor, our Symbian correspondent, recently managed to catch up with Rick Rowell Metrowerks' Strategic Marketing Manager for Wireless Technology to review these Java developments and the Symbian support (08.08.01).

Java Location Services
Working to Bring GeoSpatial Technology to the Internet.

Sending A Wireless Text-Message With Java
Joe Lauer , President and Founder of Simplewire walks us through the challenges of sending an SMS message from Java.

Deliver Mobile Services Using XML And SOAP
XML and SOAP are ready to make their appearance in the mobile world. WDN takes a look at two tools for mobile platforms: kXML and PocketSOAP.

Network Programming With J2ME
Motorola J2ME Development Contest Winner Yu Feng explains network programming and the HTTPConnection Class for J2ME developers.

Java and Cellphones: The Motorola SDK for Java
In this column we tackle Java on cellphones, specifically looking at the Motorola SDK for Java.

Serious Java Programming For The Wireless World
Shiuh-Lin Lee reports on his experience porting the JShape Java mapping product to the Java Micro Edition CLDC and MIDP configurations

What Are The Devices Going To Look Like?
There are lots of debates about Java or NoJava, EPOC vs PalmOS vs PocketPC etc. No matter what, there is still one thing that remains to be determined: What are the devices that we all will use?

JavaOne 2000: Java Meets Wireless
Eric Giguere reports on Java's wireless focus at the JavaOne 2000 conference.

A Brief Look At Java 2 Micro Edition
For the programmer who already knows Java, this article will help put J2ME and its close relatives in their places.

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Mint and Miura Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Advanced mPOS to Australia

Opera Mediaworks Partners with Viggle to Introduce Add-to-DVR Technology

Wakanda Offers the First End-to-End JavaScript Development Platform

DeviceAnywhere Announces the Global Launch of Android Device Package

GyPSii Launches Java into China

Motorola Broadens Channel Distribution of Good(TM) Mobile Messaging

Sony Ericsson and Mobile Complete Launch Virtual Lab Service for Remote Testing of Java(TM) ME Apps

Javaground Enabling Developers to Port Applications to BREW With J2ME Converter

Vringo Launches Shared Video Ringtones On The Mobile Java Platform

Sun Announces CommunityOne Event

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