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WirelessDevNet Online Training

PDA Channel   Features   Columns

Palm OS Programming

The Palm Computing Platform: An Overview - A basic introduction to the Palm Computing Platform and the capabilities of the PalmOS and PalmOS-based devices.
An Introduction To Palm Programming - In this tutorial, we focus on equipping the software developer with the knowledge required to begin a Palm application development project. We discuss popular development tools, information resources, and testing options and construct the inevitable "Hello World!" application.
Getting Started With Palm Query Application Development - A Palm Query Application, or PQA as they are commonly called, is a special type of application for Palm VII devices that allows a user to interact wirelessly with Web content. Get started with PQA Development today!
Palm OS Programming With NSBasic - A new product, NSBasic/Palm, is certain to alleviate the drawn-out development process and make Palm OS programming a viable option for even novice programmers.
Palm OS Programming With Satellite Forms - Satellite Forms from PumaTech is a commercial Database / Forms Designer with enough functionality to be an absolute replacement to C development, particularly for database types of applications.

Windows CE/PocketPC Programming

Microsoft Windows CE: An Overview - Microsoft Windows CE is a scaled-down operating system designed specifically for what Microsoft terms 'information appliances'. This tutorial introduces the capabilities and features of the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.
Visual Basic Programming For Windows CE - The Microsoft Windows CE Toolkit for Visual Basic 6.0 is everything and more you need to develop applications completely in Visual Basic for almost any device running Windows CE, including H/PC (running Windows CE 2.0 or later), H/PC Pro (running Windows CE 2.11 or later), P/PC (running Windows CE 2.11 or later), and even embedded CE devices.
Visual C++ Programming For Windows CE - This article presents a quick and dirty tutorial to get you up and running and creating applications for Windows CE with Visual C++.
Database Programming Using ADO - ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is the central component to Microsoft's Universal Data Access (UDA) strategy. This tutorial address ADO development on WinCE devices.

EPOC Programming

Introduction to the EPOC Platform - EPOC is the first truly communication centric operating system for mobile information platforms. This article addresses the capabilities of the EPOC operating system.
EPOC OPL Development - OPL is a Basic like language that appeared on the Psion Organiser in 1991. It's subsequent implementation on the Psion Series 3 created a loyal following because of it's power, ease of use and the fact that programs could be developed directly on the Series 3. OPL migrated to the EPOC operating system and has been used to develop a wide range of applications.
EPOC Java Development - Developing Java for EPOC devices is both familiar and unfamiliar. In this article we will look at the special considerations that need to be taken in developing Java for EPOC.
Introduction To EPOC Connect - EPOC Connect is Symbian's solution to PC connection requirements.


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