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Wireless Directory

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WAP > Emulators and Browsers

AU-System WAP Browser For PalmOS - The WAP Browser for Palm OS uses the AUS WAP Browser as the WAP enabling component. This generic software component can be adapted to different types of Operating Systems and is offered as a product to terminal vendors. To date, adaptations have also been made for a number of different operating systems including EPOC, Win CE, OSE and REX. Ericsson, Hyndai, SK Teletech and LG Information and Communications incorporate the AUS WAP Browser as the WAP enabling component. AU-System could be of assistance when it comes to customizing the WAP browser for Palm OS.
Ericsson R380 Emulator - The R380s WAP emulator is intended to be used for testing WML applications developed for the WAP Browser in the Ericsson Smartphone R380s. The emulator contains the WAP Browser and WAP Settings functionality that can be found in the R380s.
EzWAP - EzWAP puts WAP services and mobile access to the Internet right in the palm of your hand. Devices running EzWAP can now explore WAP sites that are already part of the Internet. Simply install EzWAP on your device, connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and browse WAP sites as easily as you currently browse HTML sites using a standard web browser.
Klondike - The Klondike WAP Browser for Windows is a WAP browser which runs on any 32 bit desktop Windows platform and allows you to browse WML pages over the Internet or from local storage.
M3Gate - M3Gate is a browser that allows you to surf over WAP-resources. WML and WMLScript are fully supported. Appearance and user interface of M3Gate may be designed according to the wishes of customer. M3Gate gets stream of data using any of two widely distributed web-browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) as a transport. It is launched when you try to visit WAP-resource with the browser. - Usenet news and POP3 mail reader for Web and Wap browsers
Neomar - The first WAP browser for PDA's in the U.S.! Neomar's microbrowser was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the unique and powerful capabilities of PDAs, and is not simply a port of a phone browser.
Neomar Wap Browser and Gateway - Neomar Microbrowser: Neomar's standards-based browsers take your applications to various PDA platforms, lowering your development and training costs by deploying a single application on multiple devices. Plus, Neomar's next-generation security means your applications run securely on all devices. Advanced features, such as full cookie support and local bookmarks make for a more compelling, value-added user experience.

Neomar Wireless Gateway: Neomar's Wireless Gateway connects the wired world to the world of wireless packet data networks from companies like BellSouth Wireless Data, Motient, AT&T, and Verizon. And, Neomar's modular design lets you add network protocols as your customer base grows.

NzPhone - Web-based WAP emulator, for more information, go to
Opera - Tired of 20MB+ downloads, megabytes of updates, sluggish performance, HTML standard violations, desktop domination, instability, the seductive word 'free', and a browser war that left you as the only casualty? Then welcome to Opera! Small, fast, customizable, powerful but user-friendly, Opera takes the wait out of the Internet, reduces your online charges and does what the others tried in vain: it puts a big smile on your face. With all these features, Opera is well worth paying for.
PyWeb Deck-It - Deck-it® previewer is a very fast phone emulator supporting multiple phone models such as Nokia 7110 and soon Ericsson R320 and R380. With Deck-It, you can :
  • Browse HTML Web sites which are transcoded in WML on the fly.
  • Browse pre written WML sites.

WAP Emulator Applet - Java applet based WAP browser, licensed under the GPL.
WAP browser online emulator - First brazilian online wap browser emulator.
WAPman - WAPman is a Wireless Markup Language (WML) browser that is designed to enable mobile or fixed end terminals to access WML content from the Internet.
WAPman has been designed with portability, interoperability, security and multi-lingual capability (i.e. Asian languages) as key features to meet the demands of mobile commerce, mobile banking and mobile trading. With all the above traits and the flexibility to be expanded to meet future WAP requirements, WAPman is a truly versatile WML browser for a global audience.
WAPtelnet - WAPtelnet is a Telnet client for WAP mobiles. One can use WAPtelnet to connect via WAP enabled devices to UNIX boxes, routers and all the other machines that understand the Telnet protocol. WAPtelnet allows remote administration for sysadmins from every place where a WAP phone works - football stadiums, opera houses, conference meetings, tramways, whatever places you can imagine.
WML Browser - Official open source development site of WAP compliant Browser for Linux OS
Wapaka - Digital airways ( has developped a java applet that gives access to any WAP application. This is perfect for WAP developers who want to demo their application for their potential clients. The Java applet, called Wapaka, is a full WML 1.1 micro-browser. There are two options to use Wapaka: the first one is free (the developer simply call Digital Airways' Web page with the WAP URL in parameters. The second one is to buy the licence to include Wapaka in one's own Web pages.
Wapalizer - By using this WAP browser you will be able to see what kind of services are offered today, and you can quickly find out if the service offered, is something for you. The WAP browser is still not bug free, and it may not ever be. The script fetches pages from WAP sites, and converts them to HTML (WEB pages) "on-the-fly". This means that you will be able to view most WAP pages, but some pages, especially those with a lot of input forms are very difficult to convert to HTML.
Wapmore - Browser-based emulator. For more information, visit
Wapsilon - Wapsilon is a free browser for WAPsites: We let you browse WAPsites without the inconvenience of a small screen!
Wapsody - Wapsody is a set of Java classes that implement most layers of the "Wireless Application Protocol" (WAP) specification. In brief, WAP is the "World-Wide-Web for mobile phones" -- a browser-based system intended for use from mobile telephone handsets, PDAs, and other mobile computing devices. The WAP system defines a microbrowser that displays specially formatted content pages (in WML-format) that get transmitted to the mobile device using the WAP communications protocol over a broad range of mobile data channels. (More details on WAP can be found at
WinWAP - WinWAP is a full WAP browser for Windows. It works both over the internet ( HTTPS ) and with a WAP Gateway. It supports both WTLS and HTTPS security and has full support for WMLScripts. This easy to use WAP browser is designed to make the Wireless Application Services as easy to use and understand as if you were using your normal web browser. WinWAP is the worlds most used WAP browser.
Wireless Companion - The Wireless Companion is the first browser embracing the world of WAP and WEB in one place – a true world novelty. With the Wireless Companion you may access any WAP and WEB content over the Internet including the free personal wireless services at The Wireless Companion provides the user with a comprehensive mobile phone interface where he may view and interact with Wireless and Internet content at the same time.
YoSpace - The SmartPhone Emulator Developer Edition is a standalone application which lets you browse and test WAP content from your desktop. Its simple and friendly user interface, coupled with its reliability, makes it an invaluable tool for developers on Windows, UNIX and MacOS. Master Browser - A key element of the patented* Smartphone browser is that it enables specific screens tailored to the specific requirements of the customer, to be created for each category of information, and for changes only to be updated on the relevant screens, as well as enabling the user to request additional, or new, information by pushing simple function keys. The browser operates through SMS or datacall channels depending on which is most cost effective, and the browser is not limited by the standard size of SMS messages.

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