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  • Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development

    This special contribution is the first installment in a series of discussions centered on the wireless application development process. The first installment, “Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development,” identifies some of the most common difficulties faced in bringing wireless applications to market and outlines future articles in this series. Interested recipients can subscribe at and receive the articles via the newsletter. The article was first published March 12, 2001.
    So you’re building a wireless application? Who isn’t these days. Scores of entrepreneurs and companies are dipping their toes into the wireless application pool looking for productivity gains, new service revenues or IPO riches.

    Some are looking to extend wired Internet sites to yet another market segment or user set. Others are just attracted by the supposed “next big thing.” But whatever the motivation they are sure to find wireless is more than just another form of access.

    And it’s much more than browsers or thin-client solutions too. There’s a mistaken notion that wireless means “WAP.” But with all the intelligent and programmable devices in the marketplace currently - and more coming soon -- wireless applications have the potential to be so much more.

    Whatever the variety, developing wireless applications involves a structured process with healthy doses of technology, science and a little bit of art. And despite what you hear to the contrary, building an efficient wireless application can border on rocket science.

    There are plenty of hurdles to climb, decisions to make and situations to avoid. It’s why we’ve compiled the following list of Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development. Now these aren’t the only development pitfalls you’ll likely face but they’re definitely issues and areas to be aware of, to plan for and be competent in.

    At Outr.Net we’ve just about seen it all, made our own share of mistakes and cleaned up a number of wireless application disasters along the way. If you can conquer these ten pitfalls, you’re on track for a smoother development process.

    This newsletter is our first installment in a series of discussions centered on the wireless application development process. So take the opportunity to share in our expertise and insight. In subsequent issues we'll delve deeper into each of these topics with hopes of easing your wireless development burden and increasing your chance for success.

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    The entire contents of this article are owned and copyright (c)20001, Any redistribution or retransmission in whole or in part without contacting WDN and is strictly prohibited.


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