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WirelessDevNet Columns

The following columns have appeared on our site in the past. If you would like to suggest a new column or are interested in partnering or working for us, contact

Other Content:


The WDN Symbian Devzone

This section is a must-read for any Symbian developer or person who wants to learn about the Symbian OS.

WDN NewsWire-less

Newswire-less features and news items are "special" announcement that WDN feels deserve just a bit more added attention.

Articles & Comments by Christoffer Andersson

NewsBytes From Nicki Hayes

NewsByte is a regular feature presented by Nicki Hayes, WDNs European correspondent. Nicki Hayes is a freelance writer and corporate communications consultant specialising in B2B internet issues.

From The Editor

Online Pricing for PDAs... Go Figure?
3/12/2003 - WDN shares some experiences and frustrations with online pricing for a Dell PDA. A rewarding retail experience can quickly turn sour as prices apparently seem to fluctuate by the hour. The reason... you tell us?

XML and SOAP For Mobile Devices
2/8/2001 - XML and SOAP are ready to make their appearance in the mobile world. WDN takes a look at two tools for mobile platforms: kXML and PocketSOAP.

Uncovering The Secrets Of The Wireless World
11/10/2000 - Sometimes stating the obvious is, well, not so obvious. The WDN takes a look at some of the wireless industry "secrets" that often go unsaid.

Build Your Own Voice Portal With TellMe Studio
8/25/2000 - Research into VoiceXML led us across the path of a tool that supports 100% online VoiceXML application development. Intrigued by the idea, we decided to revisit Tellme Studio and put it through its paces to see if it delivers on the promise.

WAP Is Dead...Long Live WAP!
7/31/2000 - A look back at WAP's difficulties to date and what lies ahead for this critical technology. View a reader's excellent reply.

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should
6/5/2000 - Consultants, system integrators, and enterprise developers need to seriously evaluate WAP and competing technologies before diving into the wireless arena.

So You Wanna Be A Wireless Star?
5/12/2000 - A variety of open source projects that include wireless capabilities are underway. If you've got the skills, start helping today!

Palm Zigs To The Microsoft and Transmeta Zags
4/27/2000 - Palm announces plan for ARM processor-based devices with wireless capabilities.

...And Then There Were Four: RIM Validates The Future Of Wireless Computing
4/12/2000 - The RIM 957 Handheld emphasizes that wireless and WAP are here to stay.

Location! Location! Location!
4/6/2000 - Location-based services promise to revolutionize the way we work and live.

Do APIs Still Matter?
3/8/2000 - Will APIs and developer loyalty affect the success of handheld product offerings?

Wireless Technologies Create New Worlds Of Opportunity
2/17/2000 - Opportunities abound as wireless data technology create entirely new classes of applications.

Mobile Wishes and Linux Dreams
2/1/2000 - Transmeta offers up the tantalizing prospect of Linux in your palm.

Palm Web Access: A Tower Of Babel?
1/19/2000 - Palm VII's PQAs may be nifty...but will they eventually disappear in the shifting sands of time?

Welcome aboard!
1/15/2000 - Fasten your seatbelts!

Wired The Wireless Way, by Christoffer Andersson

Building The App That Will Change The World
Inventing a better mousetrap? Working on your own private international standard? Make sure you understand the rules of the game!

Internet + Mobile Internet = Love
As we now here an increasing buzz about the Mobile Internet, and an ever building hype, it's easy to forget about the role of the fixed Internet. What does mobile really mean?

What are the devices going to look like?
6/22/2000 - There are lots of debates about Java or NoJava, EPOC vs PalmOS vs PocketPC etc. No matter what, there is still one thing that remains to be determined: What are the devices that we all will use?

Will Fry's Sell My Application?
6/3/2000 - Traditional distribution channels may not work for developers of handheld/wireless apps, but a little creativity and legwork can ensure that your application still becomes a success.

What Is A Wireless Application?
5/12/2000 - Differentiating between client-server and client-resident allows us to see why the mobile Internet will drive the fixed Internet in the future.

Been Interrupted Lately?
4/13/2000 - The challenges of wireless development and how applications can gracefully handle loss of connection.

Wired The Wireless Way (Column Introduction)
4/3/2000 - Introducing a new column from the director of technology for the GPRS Applications Alliance!

The Mobile Developer, by Eric Giguere

Java and Cellphones: The Motorola SDK for Java
10/26/2000 - In this column we tackle Java on cellphones, specifically looking at the Motorola SDK for Java.

Wireless Session Tracking
8/22/2000 - Session tracking is a problem for any client that uses HTTP. This includes conventional web browsers as well as cellphone-based microbrowsers. If we can't depend on the connection themselves to provide session tracking, how do we do it?

JavaOne 2000: Java Meets Wireless
7/5/2000 - Eric Giguere reports on Java's wireless focus at the JavaOne 2000 conference.

UltraLite: Relational Databases Made Small
6/15/2000 - Bringing the power of a relational database to your handheld device.

SOAP: Invoking Object Methods With HTML
5/22/2000 - SOAP uses both XML and HTTP to provide an interoperable way to invoke methods on remote computers.

XHTML and XHTML Basic: the Future of HTML
5/4/2000 - XHTML is the bridge between HTML and XML and is one standard that has the potential to displace WML.

Separating the Content From the Presentation Using XML and XSL
4/20/2000 - Tired of reformatting HTML for display on mobile devices? Take a look at XML and XSL.

Enabling HDML/WML Support in Apache
4/4/2000 - How to use the venerable Apache server to provide WML content to your users.

HDML/WML: HyperCard For Wireless Devices
3/16/2000 - Eric's analysis of the similarities between HyperCard and WML.

SyncML: Standardizing Data Synchronization
3/7/2000 - Why synchronization is important and how the industry is using XML to standardize the process.

Do Portals Exclude Mobile Users?
2/15/2000 - One problem with portals is that they often assume you're connected to a network and that you're using a web browser.

Will WAP Complicate Our Lives?
2/1/2000 - If you're involved with creating Web content, whether it be web pages or web applications, WAP is going to add yet another twist to your job.

Waba: Run Java Programs On Your Handheld
1/15/2000 - Waba is an open source product developed by Wabasoft, a small company whose tagline is "we have big ideas for small devices".

Are We There Yet?, by Michael Nygard

Digital Divergence
2/22/2000 - We have not seen the PC and the TV merge into one device. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The Winter Of Their Content: Thoughts On AOL, Transmeta, and Geoworks
2/1/2000 - Other than being endlessly hashed over on Slashdot, what can those three events possibly have in common? Read on...

Are We There Yet? (Column Introduction)
1/15/2000 - How do we make genuine forward progress in the evolving, changing environment of technology space? We'll explore this space together.



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