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Wireless Developer Network Glossary

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Middleware - Middleware is the "mix-and-match" communications software that acts as a universal translator between diverse radio frequency technologies and protocols. Middleware physically resides on the remote client and on a communications server, located between the client and the applications server. The software eases computing and communicating with corporate information and encourages applications development, making wireless data more attractive to corporate customers.

MSA - Metropolitan Service Area. An area defined by the US government for use in grouping census data and other statistics. MSAs include a city of at least 50,000 people or an urbanized area of at least 100,000 people and the counties that include these areas. Not all areas of the US are in an MSA. The FCC used these area definitions to license cellular telephone service carriers. There are 306 regions of the US designated as MSAs.

MTA - Major Trading Area. An area consisting of two or more Basic Trading Areas as defined by Rand McNally & Co. These large areas are used by the FCC determine service areas for some PCS wireless licenses. The US is divided into 51 MTAs.

MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office. An office housing switches and computers to which all cell sites in an area are connected for the purpose of eventual connection to the PSTN. The MTSO handles the connection, tracking, status and billing of all wireless call activity in an assigned area.



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