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Wireless Developer Network Library

The following white papers, tutorials, and articles and technical papers have been provided by these leading companies for public use. If you or your company would like to submit content, contact

    GeoMode White Paper Updated with New Results - The results of GeoMode's 2001 trials are on the web at These results demonstrated accuracy of 17m for 67% of the positions and 57m for 95%. These results are far superior than either TOA or EOTD and are better than GPS in NYC. See the white paper for more details on the wireless GPS/positioning results.(Aug 01, 2002)

  • Sprint PCS ( - A comparisson of 2G to 3G (PDF - Added 08.07.02)

  • Understanding Bluetooth(TM) ( - An excellent primer on bluetooth as described by the folks at HP (PDF - Added 05.21.02)

  • Understanding WiFi ( - An excellent primer on WiFi from hp wireless solutions (PDF - Added 05.21.02)

  • Seasam Time ( - Develop wireless applications using a GUI that is WYSYWIG(PDF - Added 03.06.02)

  • Autodesk LocationLogic ( - New Release Increases Scalability, Reliability, and Location-Sensitivity for Wireless Carriers While Improving Time to Market for Application Developers (PDF - Added 02.18.02)

  • Aran Technologies ( - Intelligent Service Assurance in 3G (PDF - Added 01.22.02)

  • Digital Earth Systems, Inc ( - Wireless Location Positioning from existing signal level data, by Jim McGeough. (PDF - Added 12.17.01)

  • Softwired AG ( - Mobile Services for Java-enabled Devices on 3G Wireless Networks, by Dr. Silvano Maffeis. (PDF - Added 12.13.01)

  • Micrologic Research ( - an excellent Dictionary of Communications Terms. (PDF - Added 11.28.01)

  • PsiNaptic - the Evolution of Jini(TM) Technology In Telematics. (PDF - Added 11.20.01)

  • SkyGo - Ideas and strategies For Implementing Mobile Marketing.

  • Introducing Wireless JMS - Deployment of Wireless message-oriented-middleware (MOM) on mobile devices. According to a recent Gartner report: "Given MOM's popularity, scalability, flexibility, and affinity with mobile and wireless architectures, by 2004, MOM will emerge as the dominant form of communication middleware for linking mobile and enterprise applications (0.7 probability)"

  • OMAP Technology OverView - TI's OMAP platform and the OMAP Developers Network are designed for developers interested in creating differentiated wireless applications for the broadest possible market opportunity.

  • Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML™) version 1.0 - This document specifies VoiceXML, the Voice Extensible Markup Language. VoiceXML is designed for creating audio dialogs that feature synthesized speech, digitized audio, recognition of spoken and DTMF key input, recording of spoken input, telephony, and mixed-initiative conversations. Its major goal is to bring the advantages of web-based development and content delivery to interactive voice response applications.

  • LUTRIS White Papers - A number of educational papers from Lutris including; Migrating Perl to Lutris Enhydra, Migrating Cold Fusion to Lutris Enhydra, and Cost Factors for Building an eCommerce Site.

The Impact of Mobile Application Technology on Today's Workforce (pdf) - by iConverse Chief Technology Officer Tim Rochford.

8 Steps To Successful Wireless Projects (pdf) - Avid Wireless Walks you through the required steps to wireless success!.

The Economics of Wireless Mobile Data (pdf) - This white paper from QUALCOMM presents a methodology for understanding the differential in competitive advantage that operators will have based upon their 3G choice.

The Wavelink Architecture (pdf) - Enabling Enterprise-Class Applications Over Wireless Networks..

Airflash Smart Zone (pdf) - Development, integration, and deployment for location-based wireless services.

Aether Intelligent Messaging - General Description (pdf)

The Application Environment For The Mobile Enterprise (pdf)

Optimizing Web Content For Handheld Devices

Mobile Explorer: A Modular Application Platform For Mobile Phones (Word)

Wireless Application Development (pdf)
FLEX Technology Overview (pdf)

Beginner's Guide To Implementing A Successful Wireless Solution (pdf)
Introduction To Wireless Data (pdf)
Mobile Middleware: The Next Frontier In Enterprise Application Integration (pdf)

Building Mobile Apps With Oracle 8i Lite's Web-To-Go (link)
Oracle 8i Lite Data Sheet (pdf)
Oracle 8i Lite Solutions Guide (pdf)

Palm OS SDK Reference (zip)
Palm OS Programmer's Companion (zip)
Web Clipping Developer's Guide (zip)

Untangling The Wireless Web (pdf - requires login)
Enhancing Customer Relationships With Wireless Technologies (pdf - requires login)
Session State Management In A Wireless Environment (pdf - requires login)
Introduction To The Wireless Internet (pdf - requires login)

EPOC Overview (link)
EPOC Overview (Core) (link)
EPOC's Java Implementation (link)

Tsunami: Here Comes Wireless eCommerce (pdf)

Wireless Mobile IP Networking (Word)

Introduction To Wireless LANs
Wireless LAN Security


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