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Million Cell Phones Disappear Annually - Often in Toilet!

Replacing Lost Data is Problem, Now Remedied with iPhonebook

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 3 - With more than one million cell phones disappearing annually, very often falling in the toilet, the biggest problem has been replacing the lost data, not the phones. Retrieving lost information is now a snap, with the introduction of iPhonebook.

iPhonebook, made by Xpherix Corp., provides always-available access to contact and calendar information traditionally stored in applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Palm, right on your mobile phone. Search and dial from an unlimited list of contacts or even download selected names to the phone's built-in phonebook. See for more information.

"The number one accident that results in cell phone replacement is phones falling out of people's pockets into the toilet," says Cliff Raskind, a wireless analyst for Strategy Analytics, a Boston-based global market research and consulting firm.

"I've heard stories ranging from phones being munched on by pigs, being buried in the backyard by pets and people leaving them on top of cars as they drive away," added Raskind.

Regardless of how it is lost, one of the biggest concerns when replacing a cell phone is the need to recreate the lost data. According to The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, "Unlike PDA owners, 99% of cell phone owners don't back up the data in their phones, or even are aware that such a backup is possible."

Sheila Consaul, vice president and managing director for SHIFT Communications, recently misplaced her phone following a flight to Washington, DC.

"When I realized I left it in the cab, I was crushed," said Consaul. "I was disappointed at having to shell out another $200, but more important to me was the time it would take to reprogram a new phone," she said.

The UK is one of the few countries formally tracking the theft of cell phones. Mobile Phone Centre, the largest retailer of phones in the UK, shows that one cell phone is stolen every three minutes accounting for nearly one million phones stolen annually.

Gartner Group conducted a bit of U.S. research specific to cell phone loss or theft at airports. Their findings show only 25 to 30 percent of the 250,000 cell phones lost or stolen annually at airports are ever recovered.

Services such as iPhonebook not only save you time in keeping up with your day-to-day contacts, but more importantly, provide a sense of security and relief, knowing that if you do lose your phone, that's all you've lost. In a time when we rely so heavily on our cell phones, can you afford to be victimized by loss or theft?

Source: Xpherix Corp.

CONTACT: Kevin Jurrens, Garfield Group PR, +1-215-867-8600 x273,, for Xpherix Corp.



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