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Telespree Helps Service Providers Ensure Best Customer Experience

Service providers face a well-documented challenge with the increasing consumer demand for data on their networks and ensuring a positive customer experience with their service. According to Telespree Communications, one answer to solving this challenge is real-time 3G and 4G data metering that enables service providers to more tightly manage data usage on their networks and offers consumers a utility to monitor their own data usage activity on their mobile device.

A leading enabler of cloud-based wireless data services for carriers, retailers, MVNOs, and wholesale providers, Telespree offers service providers an Active Session Monitoring solution to authorize and control access to 3G and 4G data services in real time across a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, mobile hotspots, tablets and USBs. Active Session Monitoring meters mobile data services, tracks time and data usage activity, and – if needed – cuts off and redirects data sessions in real time to a self-service portal for consumers to purchase additional sessions or receive new offers.  

As service providers move away from unlimited data plans, consumers are purchasing tiered data plans across multi-devices. In order to prevent bill shock on these tiered plans, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that consumers need timely access to their current data usage. Telespree fills this need through the real-time tracking and display of 3G and 4G data usage.

"The increase in mobile broadband usage makes it critical that we provide real-time, always-on information to consumers about their data use to drive the best possible experience regardless of device," said Dennis Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready Wireless. "As we offer customers more control over their service, real-time 3G and 4G data metering will play a critical role in helping us further differentiate our brand, provide additional revenue streams and better manage network costs."

"Consumers want information about their data service in real time, which requires that service providers manage the customer experience in real time or risk losing revenue and market share," said Ellen Schwab, chief executive officer for Telespree. "With the rise of new broadband services such as location, video, social networking and commerce, Telespree enables service providers to launch new offerings to their subscribers that fit their needs while helping subscribers avoid possible bill shock associated with increased data usage."

For more information about Active Session Monitoring, visit:

About Telespree Communications

Telespree is a leading enabler of cloud-based wireless data services for carriers, retailers, MVNOs and wholesale providers. Since 2000, Telespree has been helping its customers monetize mobile services on phones, smartphones, PCs, tablets, and other data devices - more than 27 million mobile subscribers have used Telespree Solutions to activate and manage their voice and data subscriptions. Our Mobile Services Platform delivers service enrollment, session monitoring, policy management, real-time charging and mobile marketing services via a hosted, virtualized environment – providing for cost‑effective and scalable deployments. For more information, please visit

About Ready Wireless

Ready Wireless is a privately held, wireless telecommunications provider that powers voice, text and data product solutions on a multi carrier network MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) platform. White label & MVNO partners have access to an integrated, scalable and flexible solution. Components include: CDMA & GSM network partnerships; complete billing & operational system support; device procurement and provisioning; infrastructure warehousing, logistics & regulatory expertise. Ready Wireless also partners with third parties to integrate innovative and complementary services to enhance consumer experience and build product stickiness. We power a national retail brand, Ready Mobile PCS, distributed in over 15,000 retail locations. Reload products are offered online and through 80,000 retail outlets in the US.




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