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SwrveTeam With Geckoboard To Bring Mobile App Data To The Desktop

Swrve, one of the world’s leading mobile analytics companies, today announced integration of the Swrve platform with Geckoboard, a leading provider of hosted, browser-based business information dashboards.

The move enables Swrve customers to bring key data relating to mobile apps and games into Geckoboard dashboards. This in turn allows business users to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time and alongside other metrics from elsewhere in the organization.

The integration was made possible by Geckoboard’s recently released online Widget Editor that allowed the Swrve team to rapidly create Geckoboard widgets.

As part of the integration, Swrve and Geckoboard users will be able to view daily and monthly activity relating to the full range of mobile app and game KPIs, including revenue, retention, average revenue per user (ARPU), items purchased and re-engagement.

These metrics present a clear view of the current health of an app or game, and monitoring this data is vital, both in terms of internal reporting and identifying and responding to changes in performance. Integration with Geckoboard frees up this data for distribution throughout the business, significantly increasing the visibility and power of this vital information.

“For many of our customers the data we report on has the most direct possible impact on their bottom line”, said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “We’re delighted to launch our integration with Geckoboard - because these metrics belong right at the heart of the organization.”

“At Geckoboard we’re committed to helping our customers get all their key data into one place - so that they can track that data in real-time, at a glance” said Paul Joyce, CEO, Geckoboard. “Our integration with Swrve demonstrates the power of the Geckoboard Widget Editor to rapidly extend the range of data sources we can connect with and helps ensure that whatever you’re looking to report - Geckoboard can handle it”.

About Swrve

Swrve is the world’s first mobile app optimization platform.

For mobile app and game owners looking to increase acquisition, retention and monetization rates - Swrve can help. Because in addition to class-leading analytics and segmentation capabilities, Swrve enables A/B testing of app elements on the fly. Our customers don’t have to guess what’s going to work - they know.

Swrve is used by some of the world’s leading app and games developers. They use Swrve to go beyond ‘dumb analytics’ and optimize using a ‘test and target’ philosophy that brings real data to the challenge of producing world-beating apps.

About Geckoboard

Founded in 2010, Geckoboard creates software that make it easy for businesses to see all of their key metrics on elegant real-time dashboards. Their approach has won praise and accolades for setting the standards in the field of data communication design.



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