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ENAiKOON Offers an Affordable GPS Tracking Solution for Businesses Using Android Phones

Berlin, Germany, January - German telematics company, ENAiKOON, has recently launched their most comprehensive, free Android app, inViu routes, which will turn Android phones into GPS tracking devices. The app’s ability to connect to ENAiKOON’s backend web portal server allows businesses to monitor multiple mobile employees or subcontractors simultaneously.

inViu routes is the new ad-free Android app that records travel routes, POIs, and GPS photos. Businesses with mobile workers can equip their employees with an off-the-shelf Android phone with inViu routes in order to easily monitor their locations. Employee locations can be viewed on an OpenStreetMap map using any internet browser to access inViu pro, ENAiKOON’s asset management software. Workers can also benefit from the app, being able to set location-based reminders. Recorded routes, POIs, and GPS photos can be shared via other apps on the phone or emailed as a map image, GPX, or KML file.

inViu routes is the only app in the market today that connects to a backend server, making it ideal for businesses to use as a mobile employee monitoring and management solution. The use of off-the-shelf Android phones and the free app makes this solution both affordable and cost effective.

“We are thrilled to have launched the inViu routes app,” comments Markus Semm, the managing director and founder of ENAiKOON, “especially since it provides a new channel for our asset tracking solutions. inViu routes is an easy-to-use, feature-rich app that allows business to track their workforce without investing in expensive tracking devices. We are excited to make GPS tracking technology more available to everyone.”

ENAiKOON has also developed other Android apps, such as inViu NFC-tracker, inViu OpenCellID, inViu GPS-details, and inViu traffic-counter. They are working towards one, integrated suite of the inViu app series.

The inViu routes Android app is now available for free download in Google Play. Easily upgrade to the pro version within the app for extended use of features. The app will allow up to four mobile phones to synchronise with an inViu account at no extra charge. Sign up for your free inViu account and learn more about inViu routes at


Since their inception in 2002, ENAiKOON has been a leader in delivering telematics solutions to businesses in the logistics, transport, medical, cleaning, and construction industries. This Berlin-based German company specialises in tailoring mobile tracking solutions for each individual customer, often aiding in theft prevention, employee monitoring, and fleet management. The combination of their sophisticated online asset-tracking software and adaptable range of GPS devices ensures their customers security, operation efficiency, and business optimisation. To learn more about their services and telematics solutions, please visit



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