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Lehmann Aviation Introduces the most Efficient Aerial Mapping Solution

In 2013 Lehmann Aviation launched LA300 - a fully automatic personal drone working with Nokia Lumia 1020 and designed for mapping and DEM. The last months flight-tests have proven compatibility of the GoPro Hero3+ camera (in addition to Nokia Lumia 1020 41Mp camera) with the LA300 for orthomosaics and DEM which makes the drone the easiest and most affordable professional rugged solution for mapping and surveying.

How it works: aerial robot compatible with Windows8 Tablet, Windows Phone 8 and PC

LA300 is a fully automatic professional UAV designed for most accurate mapping and surveying. To get the geo-referenced orthomosaics or DEM the user has to accomplish 3 simple steps (watch the video below):

Step 1: Download the free Lehmann Aviation software - OperationCenter - to any Windows8 Tablet, Windows Phone 8 or PC.

Step 2: Make the flight path by simply «drawing» on a touchscreen Windows8 device the area of interest (on the map) and entering the waypoints, after what the software will automatically generate the mission.

Step 3: Transmit the data to the drone by WI-FI, launch it by hand and wait till this aerial robot will come back (to any chosen point) with HD images or video on the SD card.

Step 4: Use OperationCenter to GeoTag each image after the flight (with LAT/LONG/ALT/YAW/PITCH/ROLL information)

The pictures then can be processed in the most popular orthomosaic/DEM software to generate professional orthomosaics and 3D models.

The drone flies at a range of up to 15 km, at speeds of 20-80 km/h. It is also done to be flown in harsh environments, between -25 °C up to +60 °C (-13 °F up to 140 °F), with winds up to 35 km/h (20kt). The LA300 weights 950 grams (including Nokia Lumia 1020 or GoPro Hero3+ camera), with a wingspan of 92 cm and the length of 45 cm. The drone is launched by hand and lands in just few meters.

All Lehmann Aviation drones come with 1 year warranty and can be regularly upgraded to newer versions.

L-A Series Video:

For more information visit:

About Lehmann Aviation

For more than 10 years Lehmann Aviation develops and manufactures lightweight and high-performance UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for civil applications. The company’s UAS are designed to meet the needs of commercial and government sector. The company is headquartered in Blois Airport, France. For more information visit us at



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