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Retina-X Announces Update to Mobile Spy: Version 7.0

Mobile Spy, the most advanced monitoring software for mobile devices, announced today the launch of Mobile Spy Version 7.0. The newest and most innovative version of the software now makes it easier than ever for parents to protect their children and for employers to safeguard their companies.

Mobile Spy silently monitors and records all smartphone activities such as SMS text messaging, call information, contacts, videos, photographs, browsing history, and much more. The newest version now features a brand new website interface and user-friendly control panel that records all messages sent and received in a multitude of popular messaging applications such as KIK, Viber, Skype, Line, Fring, ChatOn, and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Additional new capabilities also include recording multi-media messages (MMS), voice memos, and transferred Dropbox files for full-coverage, accurate monitoring.   

"We are thrilled to announce that the new generation of Mobile Spy fills a void that both employers and parents alike would not possibly be able to fill themselves," said James Johns, CEO of Retina-X Studios. "Mobile Spy v7.0 serves as a single resource for both parties to monitor the mobile activity of children and employees without constant surveillance or supervision, thereby protecting the child's innocence and the employer's assets."

The latest and most innovative version of Mobile Spy comes from its parent company, Retina-X Studios®, a world leader in mobile phone, computer, and network tracking. Retina-X hosts a suite of monitoring software tools including PhoneSheriff, NetOrbit, AceSpy, and SniperSpy all with varying features to meet consumer and corporate needs.  

"In addition to its mission to enhance productivity in the workplace, Retina-X Studios is dedicated to keeping children safe on their computers, tablets, and smartphones in this digital age," Johns continued. "It provides a higher level of care for parents who can also use the software to track a mobile device from any location."

Using the new Mobile Spy, conscientious employers can ensure corporate security and know their workforce is productive. Employers can track phones to ensure company devices are not being used for personal affairs through GPS software that pinpoints their location on a map that is visible from the Mobile Spy user's remote location. The same technology can be used by parents to locate a child and rest assured their children are protected from strangers and potential dangers wherever they go.

Besides remotely capturing photos, videos, and monitoring emails and other messaging with its sophisticated tracking software, Mobile Spy allows phone logs to be reviewed live from any web browser through its secure online control panel. The professional software system functions silently, while providing a full level of online monitoring and protection. Mobile Spy also has the capability to switch on a stealth phone camera and voice recorder to allow everything that is going on to be seen and heard from a remote location. These state-of-the-art capabilities ensure the safety of children for consumers and the productivity of a workforce for employers.

Available across five different smartphone platforms, Mobile Spy's new version operates on all contemporary smartphones including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, with versions for Symbian and Windows Mobile also available. International versions of the new Mobile Spy are also now in six different languages. In addition to English, the updated Mobile Spy is offered in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and German. Pricing starts at $49.97 for a three month standard license. For more information on their new release, visit their website at

Retina-X Studios (RXS) designs and develops tools that let parents and employers monitor their child or employee's PC, network, or Smartphone. Retina-X's suite of over 6 products offers a solution for everything from cyber bullying to monitoring efficiency in the workplace. Important activities such as Facebook activity, keystrokes typed, chat conversations, websites visited, files opened and much more can all be viewed in real time.



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