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Havahart Wireless Releases Next Generation in Circular Wireless Fence System

Havahart® Wireless, the market leader in wireless electronic devices for dog containment, recently unveiled the third generation of its circular fencing system, the Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence. Building on customer feedback and advances in technology, the system contains numerous updates, including a waterproof collar.

The patented Radial-Shape Select Havahart Wireless Dog Fence is a self-installed containment system that creates a circular boundary from 40 to 400 feet in any direction. This radius permits up to 20 times more roaming area for dogs than is provided by other wireless fence brands.

"Listening to our customers, we know our Radial-Shape system is a great product for families, but additional opportunities existed to enhance features, making it easier to use and faster to install," stated Malory Spisak, category development associate for Havahart Wireless. "The Radial-Shape Select system combines a wonderful collaboration of field experience and scientific advancement."

Some of the more prominent Radial-Shape Select Wireless Dog Fence system improvements include:

Tighter trigger zone – Advancements in the technology produce more reliable communication between the controller and collar through better data filtering. This translates into a tighter trigger zone.

Waterproof dog collar – While water-resistant collars can only handle a splash, Havahart Wireless Waterproof Collars are now equipped to handle water without causing damage. The collar features a battery cap flush with the battery housing and a strap made of heavy-gauge nylon webbing with a ¾ inch snap buckle closure. The average dog collar fits dogs with neck sizes from 14-26 inches and the small dog collar fits dogs with neck sizes from 12-17 inches.

Improved system communication between controller and collar – The real science behind the Radial-Shape Select Havahart Wireless Dog Fence lies in the continuous communication between the controller and collar. This constant communication enables the system to display your dog's approximate location on the controller so you know his whereabouts within your yard.

The Radial-Shape Select Havahart Wireless Dog Fence can accommodate up to two dogs with the purchase of a second collar. Additionally, owners maintain the ability to customize the level of correction for each dog based on age, size and temperament. As with all Havahart Wireless products, this system is backed with a 10-year Limited Warranty and 30-day Return Policy. Customers can purchase products online at

About Havahart Wireless

Havahart Wireless stretches the boundaries of the dog fencing industry. Using the latest generation in wireless dog fence technology, Havahart Wireless offers a circular dog fence that expands up to a 400 foot radius and the world's first wireless dog fence that can be customized to the shape of any yard. Havahart Wireless offers fencing systems with the largest containment areas on the market. Additionally, the Havahart brand carries an underground, wired fencing option and an array of training tools that make home living safer for both pet owners and their loyal dogs.



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