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Partnership to Help Ease Traffic in Belgium Announced

Vodskov, Denmark - August 18, 2014 - Danish information technology company BLIP Systems and Belgian data processing experts Made4it have announced a strategic partnership to help understand and ease traffic congestion in and around major events in Belgium.

Made4it is now offering BlipTrack: a solution that analyzes and visualizes data collected in areas such as road traffic, airports and train stations. BlipTrack helps evaluate, understand and optimize flow, improving infrastructure utilization and traveler experience. The solution captures, integrates, extracts and analyzes data using BlipTrack Bluetooth and WiFi sensors as well as third-party sources such as cameras, radar and inductive loops.

“Working closely with Made4it—who has years of experience in market research, marketing management and marketing data analysis—will create new opportunities to provide our services to a broader range of customers. Combining Made4it's expertise in management information systems and data warehousing with Blip Systems' successful solutions, provides a complete package solution which enables us to be more competitive in a fast growing market,” says BLIP Systems Sales Specialist and Traffic Engineer, Bahar Araghi.

“State of the art technologies play a very important role in the services we provide to our customers. Partnering with BLIP Systems will not only add a new useful technology to our selection of solutions, but will allow us to provide better services to our existing customers. We are also confident that this partnership will attract new customers in both our own and BLIP Systems' market,” says Made4it Managing Partner, Arie Delanote.

Blip Systems and Made4it will collaborate closely to collect data in and around major music and sporting events. The data will help authorities to better understand how events influence, affect and eventually improve, the flow of cars and people. The collected data, using Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, will be analyzed by Made4it to provide the required information for urban planning.

About BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems is a privately held information technology company with headquarters near Aalborg, Denmark. It was founded in 2003 as an MBO of the Bluetooth activities within Ericsson Denmark. The vision and unparalleled expertise at BLIP Systems is derived from 16 talented employees that strive to provide the highest quality service and solutions. BLIP Systems focuses on developing and selling the solution BlipTrack which today is used on roads in all major cities in Denmark and has expanded globally to include countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Germany, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and now Belgium, in all over 5000 sensors worldwide. In addition, the solution is installed in over 20 international airports, including Amsterdam, Toronto and Dubai, and in train stations around Europe.

About Made4it

Made4it, founded in 2004, brings together experts in data to Insight consulting with marketing and business intelligence building. Made4it provides key business insights to decision makers, helping them to make valuable marketing decisions by enhancing their business intelligence building.



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