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Advanced Technologies Enable Cable Operators To Embrace Mobile Service Offering

US Cable operators have a great opportunity to win a major slice of the wireless phone services market, according to mobile software company, Movius Corporation, a recognized leader in messaging and call completion technology for telecommunication providers around the world.  Movius’ mission is to personalize communications, and has developed industry leading converged messaging capabilities to manage multiple professional and personal phone lines, voicemails and applications all on a single mobile device.  This technology is helping to make mobile service offerings possible for cable operators.

A recent study by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that by the second half of 2013 41 percent of US households were wireless-only, with just over 8.5 percent landline-only households. This represents a huge shift in the market from fixed to mobile as consumers look to complete business and social activities anywhere – at home or when mobile.

“Cable MSOs should be looking to expand their mobile services to enable end users to have the same capabilities they have at home and at work on the go,” says Jose Romero, VP of Marketing, Movius. “Pay TV providers are just beginning to delve into offering mobile to their customer base. With over 900 million global subscriber households, this represents a substantial revenue expansion opportunity for us to bundle mobile as well.”

“Although Cable networks don’t quite have the same room for maneuver as mobile network operators, implementing the right solutions with the correct infrastructure can be a success. A VoIP over Wi-Fi solution with TDM fallback is ideal as a safety net in case a connection is broken and provides customers with a reliable method of making/receiving calls and continuing to access their services/communication needs.”

Movius has developed a unique split voice line and converged messaging service called myIdentities. It enables Cable companies to mobilize their fixed customers, leverage their content assets and seamlessly port user context, preferences and associated services to their mobiles, providing a truly personalized service for cable customers. These services are packaged together within a mobile identity branded by the cable service provider. By taking advantage of their own Wi-Fi networks, using myIdentities TDM and Wi-Fi capabilities, Cable MSOs can offer mobilized and unified services which add value for customers and in turn allow operators to increase revenue.

The myIdentities solution also enables end users to mobilize their home and work contact numbers on dual lines through a single mobile device, allowing them to complete both personal and business activities wherever and whenever they want. Its split line capability allows for two payment plans for each line to generate additional ARPU and integrates seamlessly on to exiting Wi-Fi networks.

Romero added: “Cable providers need to be more aggressive when moving into Mobile Network Operators’ territory. So far there are very few who have completely synchronized mobility with content. By adding services with more value to the current market, Cable MSOs can increase revenue and reduce churn, improving customer loyalty and making customers stickier. A solution like myIdentities offers important capabilities to suit today’s modern consumer by adding value and mobility.”

For more information about Movius Interactive Corporation visit

About Movius 

Movius Interactive Corporation is a recognized leader in messaging and call completion solutions technology for telecommunication providers around the world. Its applications for converged messaging, and mobile identities enable service providers in developed and emerging developing markets to increase ARPU and market share. By continually innovating new services, Movius delivers its mission of Personalizing Communications. For more information, visit



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