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Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize mobile data, today announced General Availability of DynaMO, the latest incarnation of its congestion control software. This solution is the most advanced optimization solution with full HD Video and streaming Audio optimization capabilities as well as the most advanced reporting dashboard to measure traffic profile and savings.

The DynaMO enhanced media optimization solution is designed to help carriers manage the bandwidth constraints created by the fastest growing mobile content formats namely HD Video and Audio streaming. The new audio/video optimization solution is equipped to maximize the efficiency of data transport over wireless networks and optimizes HD video and audio in real-time. DynaMO makes the optimized delivery of media over mobile networks seamless for operators as well as providing them the option of hosting in the cloud or in the network. The solution can also be deployed in a virtualized environment with dynamic scaling that is fully aligned with the industry initiative for Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

DynaMO uses a combination of contextually-selective and congestion-aware optimization techniques. It provides the highest quality of video experience by intelligently adapting video optimization to fit the original video with each user’s device. DynaMO monitors individual users’ data sessions, optimizing video only when networks are congested and to the extent where smooth playback can be achieved.

This latest release is capable of re-encoding virtually any video format in real-time, providing the most comprehensive Over-The-Top (OTT) support in the industry for audio and video content. For the first time, operators can optimize audio streaming services by 30%, reducing radio-lag on all major on-demand music services such as Pandora, Grooveshark, Last.FM and Slacker, among others. The solution also includes support for micro-video services such as Vine and Instagram, creating the best user-experience possible across all mediums.

Openwave Mobility’s DynaMO is equipped to provide complementary dynamic reporting for mobile operators. This built-in Analytics module helps operators understand mobile data traffic through an interactive dashboard. The reporting system analyzes traffic and content-specific characteristics, from formats to resolutions and can also show individual and global cost savings achieved.

“We have observed, through current customer deployments, a significant increase in the popularity for streaming high-resolution video and audio services. This phenomenon of ‘Optimization of 2.0 content’ has led operators to search for new solutions to provide the best possible experience for their customers across all media formats simultaneously,” says Indranil Chatterjee, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, and Strategy at Openwave Mobility. “DynaMO provides the widest possible support for media optimization across the continuously evolving OTT space. The internet doesn’t have a roadmap so we have to stay agile and evolve rapidly with OTT players in order to provide the best value of RAN savings and user experience for mobile operators.”

Enhanced features highlighted in DynaMO, available for physical and NFV deployments, include:

  • An enhanced HD Video Optimization engine – applies an intelligent, context, device- and congestion-aware layer to optimize HD video and all major video formats without the need to transform them This includes 3GP, MP4, HLS, HSS, HDS, and proprietary MPEG-DASH-like delivery mechanisms, such as YouTube’s and Dailymotion’s Lumberjack.
  • Audio Streaming Optimization – provides the industry’s most comprehensive audio support available, for Pandora, Grooveshark, Last.FM or Slacker and more.
  • Dynamic Reporting – enables operators to monitor and act on their mobile data traffic via an interactive dashboard.
  • TCP Optimization – incorporates an innovative TCP optimization engine, based on a learning-based algorithm.
  • An optional integrated Analytics module that provides subscriber and segment level insights

Earlier versions of congestion control have been widely deployed by mobile operators across the US, Europe and APAC.

Visit or contact for more information.

About Openwave Mobility

Openwave Mobility enables operators to manage and monetize mobile data using the industry’s most scalable, Layer7 SDN/NFV platform. The company operates within the policy control and charging (PCC) space and delivers Policy Engagement with solutions that include Video Optimization to eliminate data congestion, and Mobile Data Monetization and Analytics to increase ARPU through personalized data plans. These solutions are supplemented by Subscriber Data Management, providing a single consolidated store for policy and subscriber data, and Mobile Analytics, providing subscriber segmentation and Business Intelligence.

Openwave Mobility delivers over 40 billion transactions daily and over half a billion subscribers worldwide use data services powered by its solutions. The company’s global customer base consists of over 40 of the largest communication service providers including AT&T, Du, KDDI, Rogers, Sprint, Telus, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telstra, Virgin Mobile & Vodafone. Openwave Mobility is owned by Marlin Equity Partners, a leading investment firm with over a billion dollars of capital under management that has publicly committed to building the company through expanded investment in R&D. The company has built a robust portfolio of Intellectual Property, which is growing month by month.



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