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intelligent Print Recognition Gathers Pace

iPR™ (intelligent Print Recognition) from documobi makes conventional print digital and interactive, linking it to mobile marketing campaigns via a Brand’s own app. Requiring no codes, tags or markers, iPR™ collects and analyses user data when a customer responds to a call to action and scans the piece with the Brand’s app.

Pureprint Group has adopted iPR™ as part of its overall strategy to deploy multiple marketing services whilst retaining print as their core function. Mark Handford, Pureprint’s CEO adds,         

“Our clients are looking to us to add value to their overall campaigns and mobile is becoming a very important aspect of this. The initial feedback from people we have demonstrated to has been very encouraging.”

Precision Printing’s Gary Peeling has also been quick to recognise how iPR™ adds value to the printed collateral he is creating for customers,

“Marketers have always believed that it’s impossible to measure the impact, and therefore the ROI, of a piece of print. iPR™ completely blows that argument out of the water. We’re getting some very excited reactions when we demonstrate it!”

Other leading businesses which include household brands, prominent agencies and print groups are also seeing the benefit of including iPR™ in their portfolio. Birmingham-based Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) works with a number of blue-chip UK retailers and is seeing significant interest from clients,

“In this sector particularly mobile is key. For a retailer, getting its mobile strategy and toolset right is critical to the omnichannel experience. iPR™ allows print to play a pivotal role in the digital journey”

With Amazon’s rollout of its Firefly application, the packaging industry is waking up to the impact this will have on market share while Sun Branding Group, known for its innovative approach, has been the first to announce its plans to include iPR™ as a valuable consumer engagement tool too.

Documobi showcased Intelligent Print Recognition (iPR™) and officially launched its breakthrough iAM™ (Interactive Advertising Mail) solution at MarketingWeekLive at Olympia last month.

iAM™ uses iPR™ technology and takes direct mail to an entirely new level of personalisation through dynamic, real-time mobile interaction. Anton Group, one of Europe’s largest direct marketing providers and partner Agency, Nutshell Creative, are already demonstrating significant ROI for its customers using iAM™-based direct mail campaigns.

Peter Lancaster, documobi’s CEO, says

“The service providers we’ve spoken to immediately recognise the opportunities iAM and iPR present and early adopters are already gaining significant interest from their major brand clients.”

About documobi

Documobi Ltd is a technology company dedicated to linking print to the mobile-optimised web. It works with a number of well-known brands helping them leverage their existing customer base, engender loyalty and create "stickier" more profitable relationships. Documobi Ltd can be contacted on 01423 567093 or via

About Pureprint Group

Pureprint Group is a leading award-winning printer with over 85 years’ experience. It offers its customers a large breadth of services, showing it is not only known as a quality printer but as a marketing solutions provider. They can be contacted on 01825 768811 or via

About Precision Printing

Precision Printing has 45 years’ experience of providing highly professional managed print services and now works with clients to deliver ROI on all of their marketing communications. They can be contacted on 0845 606 4001 or via

About Inspired Thinking Group

Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) provide services that help marketing departments operate more efficiently and their services include outsourced print management services to major retailers and branded businesses. ITG can be contacted on 0121 748 9950 or via

About Sun Branding Group

Sun Branding Solutions are specialists in concept to consumer packaging solutions with offices and facilities across the globe. The can be contacted on 01274 200 700 or via



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