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Powa Technologies Acquires MPayMe to Expand Global Footprint and Break into New Markets

International commerce specialist Powa Technologies Group is today announcing the acquisition of Hong Kong-based mobile expert MPayMe in a move that will vastly increase its global reach and provide a world-leading payment solution for the retail, telecoms and utility industries.
The merger between the two privately held companies will see Powa Technologies and MPayMe operate as a single global entity under the Powa brand to bring in a new class of universal mobile payment that will reach millions of customers and merchants across Europe, Asia and the US.
PowaTag, a mobile commerce solution that enables shoppers to complete purchases anytime, anywhere simply by scanning tags on anything from products to billboards, will now utilise ZNAPTM’s pbSecurePay app for global billing and mailing leader Pitney Bowes to enable instant payment for more than 23 billion utility bills a year.
With Pitney Bowes facilitating 80 per cent of utility bills in the USA and more than half in Europe, Powa will reach tens of millions of new customers around the world. In addition, leading Taiwanese telecom provider Taiwan Mobile will also provide PowaTag payment options to its five million customers.
The technology of MPayMe’s ZNAPTM will be integrated into PowaTag to create a raft of new features with exciting applications. The service was recently rolled out by French fashion retailer Comptoir des Cotonniers, which saw more than 10,000 ‘virtual boutiques’ created in a single night.
By combining with ZNAPTM, PowaTag will also expand beyond the high street, bringing instant purchasing capability to everything from food to event tickets, a service already launched at Twickenham Rugby Football Union. The integration will also bring in customer loyalty and reward services for shoppers, including the ability for relevant vouchers to be automatically flagged and used during purchases, and functionality allowing a single PowaTag to buy a selection of products instantly.
Retail technology entrepreneur, eCommerce veteran and CEO of Powa Technologies Group, Dan Wagner, said:  “With this combination of two innovative technology companies we will establish a position as the leading force in digital commerce worldwide.
“The integration of ZNAP™ technology with PowaTag will bring a phenomenal new scope to our provision, as well bringing enhanced functionality to its existing applications. By incorporating digital catalogues, coupons/vouchers, loyalty integration, and access control, and much wider product set, we are enabling true commercial freedom for both merchants and consumers.”
In the next three months, the two companies will be working to integrate technologies into a single unified and enhanced product offering.  Backward compatibility will be preserved, and there will be no additional requirements for merchants to deploy the enhanced offering.  A team of more than 50 experts in London and Hong Kong are currently working to deliver the world’s most advanced mobile commerce solution.
Alessandro Gadotti, founder and Group CEO of MPayMe, added:  “The combination of Powa’s product offerings, PowaPOS, PowaWeb, and PowaTag, and the ZNAP™ mobile business platform will revolutionise global commerce, and we are very excited about the future as a single company. Together we can offer advanced functionality that is unrivalled anywhere in the world, and which has already been embraced by over 500 merchants and brands worldwide. 
“Over the coming months you will see these merchants begin to deploy the technology and both merchants and consumers will begin to reap the benefits.”
About Powa Technologies

Powa Technologies started as part of Venda, the world’s largest shared eCommerce platform provider. The Powa platform was built to provide the capability of an agile multi-site eCommerce environment. The platform consists of PowaTag and PowaPOS that can be used by consumers and merchants, and PowaWeb services for multi-channel shopping experiences.
All Powa sites are PCI Level 1 compliant and fully secure.
About PowaTag
The retail landscape has been transformed forever with the world launch of PowaTag, the revolutionary new retail enablement service from Powa Technologies. Over 500 worldwide brands including Universal Music and Carrefour have also signed up for PowaTag in recent months. Here are some main benefits of the solution.

  • PowaTag turns impulse into purchase, finally eliminating the wait that leads to incomplete transactions
  • Offline environments and printed materials become online shopping environments – even if the shop is closed
  • Print, poster and broadcast advertising become accountable sales vehicles, enabling advertisers to measure ROI in real terms
  • Infomercials and other broadcast media are transformed with AudioTag, including events such as football games and concerts
  • No add-ons required – it uses the eyes, ears and other sensors now shipped as standard on smartphones
  • Enables existing payment solutions rather than replacing them
  • Eliminates the need for the consumer to key in sensitive data every time they buy
  • No credit card data stored on the device – all held in the cloud with PCI Level 1 Certification
  • Transforms the in-store experiences through close proximity beacon intelligence, which can customise down to inches and by customer.

PowaTag In Action -
About ZNAP™

ZNAP™ is an innovative mobile business platform which optimises transactions through the bundling of secure multi-channel mobile payments with value added solutions such as loyalty integration, business intelligence, geo-location in-app consumer communication, offer marketing and much more. The product was developed by MPayMe, an international high-growth business technology company founded in 2010. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in US, Europe, Asia and Japan, ZNAP™ has recently launched in a number of markets around the world with well-known merchants and partners. MPayMe solutions are designed around the needs of merchants and consumers, in order to add value and solve real business problems.



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