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SpeechStorm and Cyara Collaborate on Customer Experience Testing

Leader in mobile and voice customer service, SpeechStorm, has collaborated with automated customer experience testing software provider, Cyara, to develop ‘S-Connect for Cyara’. The new product leverages the power and capabilities of both SpeechStorm’s and Cyara’s respective platforms to generate customer experience test cases for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call flows directly from SpeechStorm calls.

Companies using the combined solution will rapidly build touchtone and speech-enabled IVR capabilities in SpeechStorm’s environment then simply and quickly generate a complete set of test cases to automate the entire testing lifecycle of the final customer experience, using the Cyara platform.

IVR test cases generated by S-Connect for Cyara precisely mimic the behavior of real callers, can be generated quickly and easily, and imported directly into the Cyara platform for use in performance testing, load testing and on-going production monitoring. By dramatically reducing the human effort required to produce test cases and eliminating the risk of human error, S-Connect for Cyara allows organizations to efficiently validate a much wider range of customer calling scenarios.

For customer service organizations, automated testing is essential in ensuring that supporting systems are functioning to deliver the desired caller experience. It ensures that those systems can cope with high customer demand and peak call loads, and that callers who require assistance are delivered to the correct advisor groups, whether navigating with speech or key presses.

“You wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive first,” said Oliver Lennon, CEO of SpeechStorm. “So, when it comes to your caller experience, the best way to make sure it’s performing precisely as you want it, is to call it and find out. And that’s exactly how organizations can use S-Connect for Cyara – leveraging the power of an automated testing platform to mimic real customer call scenarios and ensure the right experience is being delivered.”

Using traditional methods, creating customer experience test cases is a laborious and tedious task. With S-Connect for Cyara, however, test case creation is quick, simple and intuitive, delivering an end-to-end test of customer experience from the telephony network right through to the adviser’s desktop. Whenever a change is planned for the IVR, a new test case can be generated immediately, simply by placing a test call to the SpeechStorm platform and capturing the new interaction. (See notes for editors).

“Comprehensive, automated, customer experience testing allows organizations to move more rapidly, enabling their service and sales experiences to keep pace with customer expectations and changes in the business,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “Through our collaboration with SpeechStorm, Cyara customers can innovate even more rapidly toward delivering a dynamic and personalized customer experience, confidently, knowing that they’ve virtually eliminated the risk of customer-impacting issues. We are proud to partner with innovative companies like SpeechStorm. This is really clever stuff and I know our customers will love it.”

Oliver Lennon concluded, “Working together with Cyara on S-Connect has been exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. We have a growing list of common customers who have independently selected our technologies, and some of those were involved with us in the development of this important test-case-generation product. We are driven to always bring greater value to our customers and S-Connect for Cyara is an example of this innovation. We believe it holds tremendous value for all companies striving to deliver a differentiated caller experience.”

IVR Testing and S-Connect for Cyara

Using traditional methods, creating customer experience test cases is a laborious and tedious task, involving the detailed mapping of each step in the call flow, noting each message and menu option played to the caller and the selections required to navigate the system. These are then input in a specific format to create a call script for the automated test tool to follow. All of which is both time-consuming and error prone, with significant re-work required when even the smallest change is made to the system.

With S-Connect for Cyara, test case creation is quick, simple and intuitive. To create a new test case, the user simply has to place a call to the SpeechStorm platform and interact with the system as a customer would. The SpeechStorm platform captures the ‘conversation’ between the system and the caller so that it can be viewed on-screen and, with a couple of mouse-clicks, converted into the precise format for import to the Cyara test tool. Tens, or hundreds, of different test cases can be generated in just the time it takes to make that number of calls to the platform.

Once imported to Cyara, the test cases can be run directly, or combined with other elements, to create an end-to-end test of the customer experience from the telephony network right through to the adviser’s desktop.

Whenever a change is planned for the IVR, a new test case can be generated immediately simply by placing a test call to the SpeechStorm platform and capturing the new interaction. This is particularly important for more advanced IVR solutions, which use information about the customer, context of his/her call and the capacity of the contact center to deliver a personalized and dynamic caller experience, and ensures automated test plans are always up to date

About SpeechStorm 

SpeechStorm® helps organizations of all sizes make everyday tasks easier for their customers. We provide pre-built IVR, speech self-service and mobile apps that reduce waiting times for customers and reduce call handling times in the contact center. Our solutions are quick to implement and easy to manage, putting the business in control of the customer experience.

About Cyara 

Cyara is the leading provider of automated customer experience testing software for organizations around the world. The Cyara platform allows contact centers and online channels to rapidly and continually optimize the customer experience while cutting the risk of exposing customers to a poor experience. Every day, millions of flawless customer interactions are delivered by organizations utilizing the Cyara platform. 



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