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The First Bluetooth Quartz Smartwatch For Women

Just in time for Valentine's and spring, Smart & Cool, a Southern California based company is launching an Indiegogo Campaign to bring The First Women's designer quartz Bluetooth smartwatch. Smart & Cool, whose CEO and founder William Houchin, with over 25 years of experience in fashionable watch designs and sales; has found a niche in the smartwatch space that's been untapped. Houchin recognized that in his stores; the majority of his customers are women, while the majority of smartwatch cater to men and the smartwatch trend is not cooling down anyt ime soon.

Almost all smartwatch currently in the market have focused on men, sporty appearance and high Tech features, although most women prefer simple smart and fashionably cool. The Smart & Cool is delivering a watch that's looking to solve the disconnection between nerdy wearable technology and fashionable stylish accessories for the largest consumer, women.

Smart & Cool says that their research from eDigitalResearch shows that women account for 60% of consumer smartphone usage. Additionally their focus group study, Smart & Cool discovered that most women as well as many men want simple functionality that primarily helps manages calls and messages. Many prefer mechanical watches because they are easier to see as oppose to an all e-paper screen. The majority of watches sold worldwide accounts for 77% of worldwide market share (

From the Smart & Cool's independent survey, consumers were asked to choose between Smart & Cool and a $7,000 designer watch. The survey found that most women would not wear a sports smartwatch because it lacked the style and fashion needed to fit their personal preference. The majority of people chose the Smart & Cool.

The designer smartwatch market continues to grow in popularity. And when you look at watch owners, they usually own more than one watch. Smart & Cool gives watch owners the best of both worlds, smart technology and cool design.

Smart & Cool is directed towards watch lovers that prefer style and fashion over a technology bloated smartwatch. At its core, the Smart & Cool is a notification smartwatch that uses Bluetooth connectivity for incoming calls, messages and reminders.

From a hardware perspective, Smart & Cool features a Quartz internal movement, a vibrating motor, and an OLED display using Bluetooth 1.2.1 with 120 hours of battery life. It uses an automatic energy saving mode with 120 hours of battery life and it takes about 3 hours to recharge. The Smart & Cool comes in a stainless steel case that is water resistant with various color styles to choose from.

About Smart & Cool

Located in Old Towne Orange, California, the Smart & Cool is leading the way in creating designer women & men smartwatch that is "Bluetooth Smart & Fashionably Cool". William Houchin brand and expertise is in providing his clients with the best designer watches for over 25 years. The majority of women he has polled have communicated to him that they could do without 95% of the geeky smartwatch functionalities. As a fine watch expert, William loves the idea of merging technology & fashion into a watch. Today, he and his team are focused on designing and developing wearable gadgets that both women and men will love at an affordable price. The first fashionable and stylish smartwatch, Smart & Cool will debut on Indiegogo this week.




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