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Straight Path Spectrum and SAF Tehnika Announce Innovative Bundling of Spectrum with Wireless Radio

Straight Path Spectrum, Inc. a subsidiary of Straight Path Communications Inc. (NYSE MKT: STRP), and a holder of a nationwide portfolio of 39 GHz FCC licensed spectrum, and SAF Tehnika JSC (NASDAQ OMX: SAF1R), a leading designer and manufacturer of point-to-point microwave data transmission equipment, announced today a bundled solution that includes SAF's best-in-class radios with guaranteed spectrum connectivity from Straight Path.

This innovative offering provides wireless network operators with a faster, more competitively priced method to deploy commercially licensed wireless links.  The solution offers a compelling alternative to the traditional Part-101 licensed frequencies, particularly for those network operators who need rapid deployment in one of the many U.S. cities facing frequency congestion.

"SAF is excited to provide a one-stop-shop experience with easy-to-lease, commercially licensed spectrum, coupled with our in-stock 39GHz CFIP-Lumina radios and upcoming 39GHz Integra radios," remarked Daniel White, Managing Director for SAF North America.  "We see the advantage of 39 GHz spectrum for many network applications and anticipate a rapid adoption by network operators to meet surging data demands.  SAF has been committed to producing effective radios in this 39 GHz band, so partnering with Straight Path is a natural next step."

Key Features of the bundled SAF radio with Straight Path 39 GHz spectrum solution includes:

  • SAF Tehnika's CFIP-Lumina platform, capable of delivering over 300Mbps Full-Duplex capacity
  • Guaranteed 39 GHz spectrum for a 100 MHz path – filed and ready typically in 1-2 days
  • 1ft antennas and accessories
  • Five year spectrum lease and a five year standard warranty
  • No license keys or feature keys required
  • Equipment delivered in 48 hours (average) from inventory at SAF Tehnika's warehouse in Denver, CO
  • All delivered with an industry leading price

Davidi Jonas, Straight Path Spectrum's CEO commented, "We are excited to partner with SAF Tehnika, one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the microwave wireless industry.  Utilizing our 39 GHz spectrum as part of a bundled solution will allow wireless service providers to deploy a cost effective solution that can be operating almost immediately, without the need to apply for separate spectrum licenses.  The reliability of SAF radios combined with the guarantee of our 39 GHz Spectrum should make it an attractive offering for any network operator deploying a wireless network, and particularly those building in congested urban areas."

About Straight Path Spectrum

Straight Path Spectrum, Inc., a subsidiary of Straight Path Communications Inc. (NYSE MKT: STRP) leases its extensive holdings of 39 and 28 GHz fixed wireless spectrum licenses as an effective means to build wireless networks.  Additional information is available on Straight Path Spectrum's website:

About SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika JSC (NASDAQ OMX: SAF1R) is a unique designer and manufacturer of point-to-point microwave data transmission equipment. Located in Northern Europe, SAF Tehnika managed to acquire and consolidate valuable locally available intellectual resources of the microelectronics industry and spread its presence to more than 130 countries all over the world, covering all relevant market segments within just a decade.  Additional information is available on SAF's website at



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