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Kineto Adds Wi-Fi Calling to its Smart Comms App for Mobile Operators

Kineto Wireless, Inc., a key innovator and supplier of telco-OTT solutions to the mobile industry, today announced that it has added a suite of Smart Calling services to its downloadable Smart Comms smartphone application for mobile operators. The new services, which include the ability to make and receive cellular calls and SMS over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), 2nd line service, home line calling, and international VoIP calling, enable mobile operators and MVNOs to add value to their current mobile telephone service and address specific service delivery challenges as well as drive new revenue opportunities.

"While mobile operators have rightfully focused on growing mobile data service revenues over the last few years, there is still a tremendous opportunity for them to add value to their existing telephony service," said Ken Kolderup, chief marketing officer for Kineto. "Mobile telephony continues to be one of the most powerful global communications tools available, and operators are in a great position to build on that service relationship with their subscribers."

The suite of Smart Calling services leverage operators mobile (VoLTE) or fixed IMS voice networks to enable a number of value added calling services in an easy to use down-loadable app, including the following.

Wi-Fi Calling: Wi-Fi Calling lets subscribers make and receive standard mobile voice calls and SMS over any Wi-Fi network using their regular mobile number. As a result, operators can leverage existing home and office Wi-Fi networks to provide high quality indoor voice coverage as well as provide users with a low cost voice roaming option when traveling abroad. With Wi-Fi Calling, mobile operators can turn the hundreds of millions of existing Wi-Fi networks deployed in the world into virtual small cells on a their network.

International VoIP Calling: For operators looking to offer their subscribers an alternative to third-party over-the-top (OTT) international calling services, this service gives subscribers the option to place any international call as a low cost VoIP call rather than standard cellular call. International VoIP Calling can be limited to use on Wi-Fi, or made available to subscribers on any suitable data connection, including 3G and LTE.

Home Line Calling: For operators providing both mobile and fixed line services, Home Line Calling lets subscribers make and receive calls on their mobile using their home phone number. Home Line Calling enables operators to extend the value of their home fixed voice service to subscribers' mobile phones. For example, subscribers may get access to a low cost calling plan that is part of their fixed line service. Home Line Calling can be limited to use on Wi-Fi, or made available to subscribers on any suitable data connection, including 3G and LTE.

Second Line Service: Second Line Service enables operators to offer subscribers an additional phone number for calling and messaging. Operating as an OTT IP-based service over any mobile data connection (3G/LTE/Wi-Fi), Second Line Service provides subscribers an additional phone number to use for business or personal reasons and gives operators an additional source of voice revenue.

By adding the Smart Calling services to its Smart Comms application, Kineto is enabling mobile operators and MVNOs to offer subscribers a suite of value added voice services that build upon the operators existing telephony service. The release of Smart Comms that includes the new Smart Calling features is already in trial with one major European operator, with several additional trials scheduled to begin this quarter.

About Smart Comms

Smart Comms is Kineto's downloadable smartphone application that enables mobile operators to brand, enhance and further monetize current voice and messaging services. Designed to help operators compete against new over-the-top (OTT) service providers, Smart Comms enhances current telephony and SMS/MMS services while introducing new IP-based voice, video and messaging services. Smart Comms enables operators to present existing services within a brandable, powerful, user-friendly interface, reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty with a suite of enhanced services, and improve their ability to attract new users with value-added services that completely refresh the entire communications experience.

About Kineto

Kineto is a key innovator and leading supplier of telco-OTT solutions to the mobile industry. Deployed by mobile operators around the world, the company's solutions enhance and extend communications services out over IP-based networks. For example, by deploying Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi or Smart Comms solutions, mobile operators can enable subscribers to use their voice and messaging services over existing Wi-Fi networks. Kineto customers and partners include Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, NewPace, Openmind Networks, SFR, Samsung, Taqua, and ZTE. For more information, please visit



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