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  • WirelessDevNet News Posting & NewsWire Account Options

    Are you having difficulties getting your PR featured at the WirelessDevNet? Consider this, every day we sift through a couple of hundred news submissions in an effort to publish the daily WDN NewsWire with the most interesting and relevant news ... only the ones that catch our eye get listed! For companies depending on having news featured on WDN we have a couple of options to ensure your PR is featured. Please read on for more information.
    There are now several ways to get your news headlines featured at The WirelessDevNet:
    • WirelessDevNet NewsWire Account - the most popular option. Establish a newswire account to ensure all your news is featured at WirelessDevNet.
    • Individual News Submission - the perfect, low-cost solution to get your news out! Your news is guaranteed to be featured on our industry-leading technical news resource.
    • Non-Profit News - Perfect for non-profits, EDU's, government agencies, and .ORG's. Posted at our discretion and no guarantee that your news will be listed. Companies and commercial entities, please see options 1&2.

    Option 1

    Annual NewsWire Account - only $500 and your news will be featured on the WDN & will be distributed to the desk of some 9,000+ Wireless application developers and industry professionals in our Daily NewsWire. Account is valid for one year or max. 20 news submissions

    Option 2

    WirelessDevNet Guaranteed News Placement - For companies with occasional news; only $95 and your news will be featured on the WDN & be distributed to the desk of some 9,000 Wireless application developers and industry professionals!

    WirelessDevNet Guaranteed News Placement... *PREMIUM Option * - For BIG news you might wish to consider our premium, TOP placement option. You receive top billing in the day's news, logo provided on home page for the day, and top billing (with logo) in the WDN NewsWire - cost: $145.00

    Option 3

    Non-Profit News Posting - Are you a government agency, non-profit, .EDU, or .ORG? Send us your announcement and we'll be glad to inform the wireless community on your behalf. Simply send your news to

    Take Your Chance! - Aren't willing to pay for any of the services mentione above? Well, we'd still like to hear about your news.. maybe we'll mention or feature your PR anyway... take your chance and send it to

    Don't want to submit using this form or do you still have questions? Send your question/comments to


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