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Industry Associations


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   Based in the New York City tri-state metropolitan area, the CMA sponsors seminars and workshops, conferences, trade shows and field trips. It also publishes a professional magazine, the CMA Review, which is widely read by the membership and other industry figures. At least six membership education programs are held throughout the year, generally at Lighthouse International on East 59th Street in New York.
   The CTCA is Canada's only professional association of independent telecommunications consultants. The CTCA stands for competent, capable, knowledgeable, experienced and ethical telecommunications consulting. A Membership Directory is available on-line. The Directory, which includes brief descriptions of each member's experience and special expertise, is often used by organizations which require telecommunications consulting assistance.
   CTIA is the voice of the wireless industry - representing its members in a constant dialogue with policy makers in the Executive Branch, in the Federal Communications Commission, and in Congress, CTIA's industry committees provide leadership in the area of taxation, roaming, safety, regulations, fraud and technology.
Communications Management Association
   CMA, Communications Management Association, is the UK's premier business communications user association. It represents those individuals who have responsibility for or manage private communications systems in commerce, industry and the public sector.
Competitive Telecommunications Association
   CompTel is the leading association representing competitive telecommunications companies in virtually every sector of the marketplace: incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, long-distance carriers of every size, wireless service providers, Internet service providers, equipment manufacturers, and software suppliers. CompTel holds three major conferences each year: the Annual Convention and Trade Expo in February, a Summer Business Conference, and the Fall Business Conference and Trade Show in October
   The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.
   The Federation of Communication Services is the representative body for the UK mobile communications services industry and provides a central focus for developments, issues and legislation affecting all aspects of telecommunications. A strong trade association is the stable force at the heart of a competitive and liberalised industry.
   The FOA is a non-profit professional society of individuals involved in the education, R&D, manufacture, sales, distribution, installation, and maintenance of fiber optic components and networks. The FOA was founded in 1995 by the leading fiber optic industry professionals and trainers who represented a virtual "brain trust" of fiber optic expertise
   The International Mobile Telecommunications Association (IMTA) has been the leading organization to represent and serve the commercial trunked radio industry (SMR, PAMR, TRS) worldwide since its formation in 1995. Recognizing a profound need in the market for research, information, representation and unity among this growing industry, IMTA was formed as a sister organization of the American Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA). AMTA is the trade group for the commercial trunked radio ("SMR") industry in the United States and has successfully represented the industry in the U.S. for more than ten years.
   Mobile Satellite Ventures is a result of a joint effort between Motient Corporation's satellite division and TMI Communications, in order to develop and build a next generation mobile satellite system. MSV currently owns and operates a satellite network, which provides a wide range of mobile communication services including voice, dispatch radio, circuit-switched and packet data, and asset tracking. The coverage area extends to North America, northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Hawaii, up to 250 miles offshore. MSV services are used in the transportation, field service, emergency management, maritime, and telemetry markets.
   The National Association of Communication Systems Engineers is the worlds leading non-profit, professional, standards and credentialing organization for the IT industry. NACSE is vendor neutral/vendor inclusive and currently has over 14,000 certified members and partners. In addition, NACSE partners with 400 plus leading colleges and universities around the world. Strategically, NACSE acts as a central catalyst in promoting and supporting a broad range of IT skill and knowledge standards that are defined and established by working IT professionals from the industry.
   NASTD, the Association for Telecommunications and Technology Professionals Serving State Government, is a member-driven organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the effective use of telecommunications technology and services to improve the operation of state government.
   We administer the FCC's "access charge" plan. (Access charges are the fees long distance companies pay to access the local phone network to complete calls. These charges help ensure that telephone service remains available and affordable in all parts of the country.) About 1,150 local telephone companies participate in our access charge revenue pools.
   The NSMA is a voluntary international association of microwave radio/wireless and satellite frequency coordinators, licensees, manufacturers and regulators. Established in 1984, the Association provides a forum to develop industry guidelines for efficient use and management of the frequency spectrum by the wireless telecommunications community. NSMA provides a linkage between government regulations and industry practice.
   The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the Executive Branch's principal voice on domestic and international telecommunications and information technology issues. NTIA works to spur innovation, encourage competition, help create jobs and provide consumers with more choices and better quality telecommunications products and services at lower prices
   OIDA is a North American industry association representing 50 members, including both large and small companies. Because of their importance as industry R&D resources, our membership is extended to national laboratories and universities. OIDA members represent the leading providers of optoelectronic components and systems enabled by optoelectronics, supporting much of the information age. OIDA's members lead in the research and development of new enabling optoelectronics technology in diverse areas such as fiber optic communications, digital imaging, and storage.
Open Group Messaging Forum
   The Open Group's Messaging Forum is a leading association for the eBusiness and messaging industries. The Forum comprises customers, suppliers, and consultants. Its diverse membership focuses on providing interoperable solutions for business leaders through education, fulfilling customer driven requirements, promotion and endorsement of standards based solutions, and influencing public policy
   The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is the leading trade association serving the communications and information technology industry in the UK, with proven strengths in market development, international and domestic trade shows and trade missions, supporting standards development, enabling e-business, arbitration and dispute resolution. Through its worldwide activities, the Association facilitates business development opportunities and a competitive market environment. The Association provides a market-focused forum for its 300 member companies that manufacturer, supply and support the products and services used in global communications.
   TIA represents providers of communications and information technology products and services for the global marketplace through its core competencies in standards development, domestic and international advocacy, as well as market development and trade promotion programs. The association facilitates the convergence of new communications networks while working for a competitive and innovative market environment. TIA strives to further members' business opportunities, economic growth and the betterment of humanity through improved communications.
   Telecommunications Standards Advisory Council of Canada (TSACC) - TSACC is an industry and public sector organization whose purpose is to provide strategic advise on telecommunications and information technology standards development, both nationally and internationally. TSACC represents Canada as a member of the Global Standards Collaboration forum


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