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GPS Books

A Comprehensive Guide to Land Navigation with GPS ($24.95) - This is a practical hands-on guide, written for the novice and experienced navigator alike, who wish to fully apply the advantages and experience the enjoyment of using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Whether you are considering the first purchase of a GPS receiver, already using GPS for outdoor sports and recreational activities or would like to start using GPS in your car, this book will provide you will the knowledge and skills required to get the most out of this exciting new technology. Included with the book is a free CD ROM featuring MAPTECH's digital map software and a sample topographic map.

GPS Land Navigation: A Complete Guidebook for Backcountry Users of the NAVSTAR Satellite System ($19.95 ) - GPS Land Navigation is an essential reference book for anyone planning to use the global positioning system for navigating the backcountry. This book explains all aspects of the GPS system and related equipment. GPS receivers, compasses, altimeters, maps, coordinate systems, and datums are among the major topics covered. Also included are equipment comparisons, and information on how to select the equipment that is right for you.

GPS Made Easy : Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors ($11.96) - Clear language and illustrations demystify GPS * Completely revised edition includes extensive new material on using GPS with maps and in rough terrain * GPS systems have seen exponential growth recently * The first edition has sold more than 35,000 copies

All About GPS: Sherlock Holmes' Guide to the Global Positioning System ($13.00) - This is a great, short introduction to GPS which is easy to read and understand and yet covers the essentials of GPS operation in a fun and interesting way. The author discusses a lot of scientific history and discoveries along the way to make it even more than just a GPS book. It should be inspiring to anyone with an interest in science and technology. The Sherlock Holmes story adds to the flavor of the book.

Aviator's Guide to Gps (Practical Flying Series) ($23.96) - Now thoroughly revised, this bestselling guide includes the latest how-to guidance on using Global Positioning System and the latest FAA rules governing its use; showcases the full line of current GPS products for private pilots-hand-held models, cockpit mounts, and much more. Features new firsthand general aviation pilot reports on using GPS.

Aviator's Guide to Gps (Practical Flying Series) ($7.15) - For a generation, the Basic Essentials series has been as much a part of the outdoors experience as backpacks and hiking boots. Information-packed tools for the novice or handy references for the veteran, these volumes distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable books. Whether you're planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, Basic Essentials books tell you what you need to know. Using the Basic Essentials GPS you can discover how to leave an electronic trail to find your way back, store the coordinate addresses of important locations, use your GPS receiver in conjunction with a map and compass or navigate the GPS market and find the receiver that suits you best.

Aviator's Guide to Gps (Tab Practical Flying Series) ($24.95) - Customized for general aviation pilots, this fact-filled reference examines GPS in depth, explaining the theory behind its operating, detailing its accuracy and limitations, covering the entire scope of air applications, and predicting what the future holds. This edition contains new information on recent satellite launches , use projections by both civilian and military entities, differential GPS, and FAA decisions. Illustrated examples of GPS hardware give the reader a hands-on "feel"

Continental Divide GPS Companion : Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico ($13.95) - The book lists GPS coordinates for over 8500 points in the States of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming. Special attention is given to the features that make the mountain country so interesting. Over 530 mountain summits are listed with elevation, along with over 400 passes and 290 waterfalls.

Understanding Aeronautical Charts (Tab Practical Flying Series) ($23.96) - This book combines into one convenient source all of the information every pilot needs to increase his or her understanding of, and efficiency in using charts. This completely updated edition incorporates new airspace classifications, GPS, international procedures, and other important developments affecting chart use-making it the most comprehensive and timely reference for chart information available. The author draws upon his own extensive flight experience to provide seasoned insights, covering such topics as VFR and HFR charts, chart projections and limitations, visual chart terminology and symbols, and souces of aeronautical charts.

GPS for Everyone ($19.96) - GPS for Everyone is a compelling, exciting and informative read for professional resource and infrastructure mappers, monitors and managers, as well as for lay readers. After her insightful and helpful book on Virtual Reality, Larijani again engages us with an accurate, clear, timely guide to a high-tech topic. She takes us on a delightful historical and practical journey, using everyday words and amusing sketches, and covers the practical applications in spades.

Wilderness Navigation : Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter, & Gps by Bob Burns, et al (Paperback - April 1999) ($8.95) - Wilderness Navigation will answer all your questions on reading maps; buying a compass; using a compass, a clinometer, an altimeter, and a GPS; orientation with map and compass; how to avoid getting lost; and what to do if you get lost. It also covers wilderness routefinding on trails, in the forest, in alpine areas, and on snow and glaciers.

Using GPS by Conrad Dixon (Paperback - May 1999) ($13.20) - The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is increasingly the tool of backcountry travelers. This pack-sized book is a guide to practical field use of GPS for anyone whose play takes them to remote or hard-to-find areas. Bruce Grubbs, veteran outdoor writer and technology enthusiast, offers helpful advice for hikers, backpackers, anglers, mountain bikers, kayakers, canoeists, and cross-country skiers. Written in simple language, with each term explained as it is used, Using GPS is a wealth of useful backcountry naviation advice for beginners and experts alike.

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us by Bill Brogdon, Rob Groves ($15.16) - The book provides lots of excellent tips based on the author's extensive experience in small boats, ships, and the coast guard. It also debunks common misconceptions about GPS and LORAN accuracy and clearly explains how to use these tools. One caveat is that the book is biased to North America. This makes it clearer for an audience on this continent, but not as useful below the equator or in Europe or Asia. All in all, if you buy one book to help you learn or improve your small boat navigation skills, this would be the one.

Using GPS: GPS Simplified for Outdoor Adventures (FalconGuide) by Bruce Grubbs (Paperback - May 1999) ($6.25) - GPS is now the most popular navigation system. This second edition helps owners get the best from their seats and make use of the facilities available for position fixing and course setting, or interfacing with inegrated navigation systems.

Gps Instant Navigation : From Basic Techniques to Electronic Charting by Kevin Monahan, Don Douglass ($23.96) - Sorry, no product description is available at this time.

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