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MarketPlace - Software - Palm & Handspring

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Documents To Go 3.0 Professional Edition - DataViz's Documents To Go Professional Edition expands your handheld's information-carrying ability by letting you take along your key word processor and spreadsheet documents with the same minimal effort it takes you to synch up your address book or to-do list. Support for common file formats is present, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, plain text, Lotus 1-2-3, and AppleWorks documents. Files are queued for transfer with the Documents To Go application on your PC (or Mac), either by using the traditional file menu, dragging and dropping the documents you want, or using a contextual menu to send an item on its way. Documents To Go then prepares the files, shrinking them in the process, and uploads them to your PDA during the next HotSync. With WordToGo and SheetToGo, you can then read and rework documents on your PDA, editing text and formatting or changing and recalculating number values. Changes will be synched to the original desktop document, and if the file has been altered in both locations, Documents To Go smartly creates copies of each. DataViz also provides the smaller WordView and SheetView applications for read-only access, allowing you to share a document with another user by simply beaming both the file and the required viewing utility. Windows users have the further benefit of being able to use the included DataViz Mail to synch Outlook Mail, including attachments, to their handhelds

Intellisync 4.0 by Puma Technology - Pumatech's Intellisync 4.0 keeps you constantly current with direct, two-way synchronization between your PC and Palm Computing platform or Windows CE organizer. In one easy step, Intellisync automatically synchronizes your calendar, e-mail, contacts, and tasks with the personal-information management, contact management, and groupware applications on which you depend every day. With its patented Data Synchronization Extensions Technology (DSX Technology engine), Intellisync lets you simultaneously synchronize handheld organizer data with multiple PC applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Schedule, Lotus Notes and Organizer, Novell GroupWise, ACT! and many more.

Desktop To Go for Palm Organizers 2.5 by Dataviz - Desktop To Go 2.5 for Palm Organizers synchronizes the Palm Organizer's address book, date book, to-do list, and memo pad. With simple, push-button synchronization, customized synchronization options, and full conflict resolution options, your organizer will run more efficiently. This software also provides support for Outlook records with multiple categories, options to rename Palm Organizer custom fields to the name of the mapped Outlook or Schedule-plus fields, and options to automatically record Outlook journal entries for new contacts added from the Palm Organizer.

Plus Pack for Palm III by Macmillan - This software package offers a variety of tools and diversions for your Palm III. GolfTrack 2.0 tallies your score (and the scores of up to three other people) as you play, tracks shots to evaluate your performance, and records drives, bunkers hit, and sand saves. PilotWatch 1.2 features an analog/digital clock with dual time zones, and includes two alarms and a snooze function. The translation of single words is made easy with Translate 1.12, which can translate between English and French, Spanish, or Italian, and allows you to add and edit entries. Maps, pictures, diagrams, and images are made accessible with ImageViewer 2.3, a tool for viewing images in black and white or grayscale. Featuring a snare, kick, and high hat, PocketBeat 2.1 lets you pound out a rhythm on virtual drums while a little animated man on the screen plays along with the beat. Flash 1.2.1 expands your knowledge with electronic flash cards imported from MemoPad, BrainForest, ThoughtMill, and JTutor. You can create and run C applets with Pocket C, as well as compile MemoPad records. Pocket C features support for a rich function library, including graphics, sound, database 1/0, and serial 1/0.
Plus Pack for Palm VII

500 Essential Palm Programs by Data Becker - Expand and enhance your palm performance with this massive collection of essential applications. You'll have 500 programs in the palm of your hand, including office and business tools, reference guides, tools and utilities, travel resources, exciting games, and much more. One simple interface lets you preview and install each program with a few mouse clicks. From financial tools to wine guides and sports schedules, from programming tools to crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune, this is a great companion to any compatible handheld computer.

PDActivate 2.0 by Synergy Solutions - PDActivate 2.0 contains five applications for your Palm handheld. ListMaker helps you manage any type of list. Pack for traveling, outline a project, shop for groceries, or plan a meeting. ListMaker features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, hierarchical outline structure to match your ideas, list templates, sorting and viewing options, and multiple databases with 15 categories each. You can import and export links with To Do List and Memo Pad, and even beam lists to other users. Launch 'Em organizes your applications into folders; instantly navigates to favorite applications; displays date, time, and battery level; and adds essential one-touch features. It provides the simplicity of a drag-and-drop interface, and improves security by turning off and locking your organizer with a single tap of the pen. With Today, you can enhance the management capabilities of your handheld, and see all Datebook and To Do items on one flexible screen. Customize the display to fit your work habits, sort by due date or priority, use category filters, and control the arrangement of Datebook and To Do items. View today, tomorrow, and up to five weeks into the future. SynCalc is a powerful financial and scientific calculator that features advanced mathematical functions, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to store up to 100 customized calculations. SynCalc's features include full drag-and-drop functionality, an easily recalled running log of calculations, the ability to store 100 customized formulas and calculations, algebraic parsing of expressions, and unlimited nested parentheses and functions. An ever-growing library of financial, scientific, and medical formulas is available free of charge on the manufacturer's Web site. Finally, there is SimpleSketch, which is a great way to draw directly on the screen to make shapes, graffiti text, and notes. Draw a map and beam it to a friend's handheld, take a quick freehand note, or doodle during a meeting--or on your break!

Wireless Suite for Palm Powered Devices by Macmillan Publishing USA - This suite of products is designed to optimize your wireless Palm-powered device. Tiny Stock's Stock Manager keeps your portfolio up to date with the latest stock prices. Stock information can be downloaded by connecting your Palm-powered device to a wireless modem or mobile telephone, or by using your Palm VII handheld. Net Orion's Mail+, an e-mail client, provides compatibility with Microsoft Outlook or the Palm desktop. Features of Mail+ include beaming e-mail capability and tight integration with the address book. Stormgate Communication's CobWeb+ optimizes memory, and gives you firmer control over saving or deleting clipping files. The MiniCalc Light spreadsheet program allows you to work seamlessly with Microsoft Excel files, and supports 68 financial, scientific, statistical, and other functions.

PrintBoy for Palm Powered Devices by Macmillan Publishing USA - PrintBoy for Palm-powered devices prints your appointments, addresses, to-do lists, memos, and e-mail right from your Palm to any printer. Just point your Palm's infrared port at the printer's infrared port, select an item, and tap print. Print calendars, contact information, and driving directions to view and exchange with non-Palm users. Use the clipboard printer to print Web pages, documents, addresses, expenses, or any data that can be copied to the Palm clipboard.

Mobile WinFax 1.0 by Symantec - Now you can use your Palm Computing device to stay productive all the time; there's no need to go back to the office to send or receive high-quality faxes! Compose a new fax on the fly or fax an existing Palm memo. Mark up the text or sign the fax. Attach documents from your PC. Enhance the fax with a custom cover page; you can even import one from WinFax PRO. You can use a compatible clip-on modem or cell phone adapter, or leverage your desktop at home or at work with the included desktop fax engine software. With a compatible clip-on Palm modem or Option International's Snap-ON GSM adapter or the desktop fax engine, you can draft and send faxes directly from your Palm Computing device.

Maximizer Link 5.0 for the Palm Computing Platform by Multiactive Software - Maximizer Link 5.0 for the Palm Computing Platform is the latest version of the first software to link a contact manager to all of the built-in functions of the 3Com Palm Computing Connected Organizer. The Palm Computing To-Do List, Date Book, Address Book, and Memos all link to the Hotlist, Calendar, Address Book, and Notes in both Maximizer and Maximizer Enterprise, and automatically synchronize with the touch of a button.

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