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    Early in 2003 WDN began featuring tools & SDKs that we consider valuable to the developer community. Each week, several tools are featured in our popular Daily Wireless industry NewsWire. Below is an archived listing of tools that WDN is pleased to have featured. If you've developed a tool or know of one that should be listed here, please be sure to send details to WirelessDevNet.

    WebSphere Studio Device Developer V5.5 - Download Download the no-charge trial version of the WebSphere IDE for creating and testing applications for cellular phones, PDAs, and other small portable devices. Provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation and testing of applications that will be deployed on handsets and other small devices. (Added 05.06.03)

    Firepad Software Developer Kit - The Firepad Software Developer Kit (SDK) allows you to embed the imaging functions of FireViewer Suite into your own Palm applications. It includes a linkable library file, sample code, and documentation in Acrobat format. FireViewer 6.2 or higher must be installed on the target handheld device in order for the SDK features to work. (Added 05.05.03)

    The HP DSPP developer edge - Here you will find sales tools, business development resources, product information, equipment discounts, news, and events, as well as solutions and porting/migration information. (Added 05.01.03)

    Symbian OS v6.1 Alpha - The code is licensed under LGPL, the most popular open source license and is hosted on, the main repository of open source projects. The code can be downloaded from, and developers can participate at (Added 04.28.03)

    CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7 PDA Edition - CodeWarrior Wireless Studio enables developers to accelerate development for Sharp Zaurus PDAs and PocketPC devices by including a debugging-enabled VM, visual development tools, and single click packaging and deployment complemented with a launch agent. CodeWarrior also has extensive support for J2ME technology, and integrates multiple emulators to code for most J2ME-enabled devices. (Added 04.21.03)

    Motorola iDEN SDK 3.0.0 for J2ME - Download the newest SDK to develop your applications. This version supports i95cl, aGPS i88s, i90c, and i85s phones. This SDK integrates with Metrowerks Codewarrior, Borland JBuilder, and Sun One Studio and includes user interface enhancements. (Added 04.15.03)

    Access Equipment Reference Design Kit - The AMD Alchemy Solutions Access Equipment RDK is a modular reference design platform that allows customers to target multiple market segments, including wireless access points, 802.11x voice telephony, IAD, cable MTA, high-end routers with firewall and data security, and IP-PBX. (Added 04.14.03)

    Pen Reader SDK - Multi-platform SDK for development applications concerned with handwriting text recognition. SDK for application developers that require handwriting text recognition. This SDK is based on recognition kernel "PenReaderLite". This kernel allows to enter separate (not joint) handwritten multi-letter text. (Added 04.11.03)

    Oracle9iAS Wireless - Sample Corner - Using the scenario of StockQuote, this sample application demonstrates how to SMS enable a Wireless application through Oracle9iAS Wireless server. The sample also demonstrates how to run the same application through the Online Mobile Studio. (Added 04.02.03)

    CodeWarrior™ Wireless Studio, Professional Edition, V 7.0 - A comprehensive set of features, including code optimization, SDK, VM and JDK switching, a small footprint relational database and the inclusion of SDKs for major handset manufacturers in the CodeWarrior Wireless Studio Version 7.0 CD, enable developers to target a wide variety of devices and to test their applications with various device emulators and simulators. (Added 03.28.03)

    The HP Mobile Printing SDK is designed to simplify the development process and includes several tools for deploying high-quality applications quickly and easily through reusable components and wizard guides. The SDK is currently available in beta form on a limited basis. Developers who want to enable or create mobile applications can apply for evaluation copies of the software by visiting

    CodeWarrior(tm) Development Studio, PowerQUICC(tm) III - Development Studio Supports PowerQUICC III Devices Containing PowerPC(r) Cores; Single Source for Tools, Boards, OS, Application Code.

    The Smartphone SDK - Smartphone SDK provides developers worldwide with the resources necessary to develop, test and deploy innovative wireless applications for the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone. The kit includes a special precommercial Smartphone and accessories along with the Microsoft Mobile Development Toolkit CD, containing access to all the development tools, technologies and resources that a developer will need to start building Smartphone applications immediately.

    MOTOCODER - Motorola developed the MOTOCODER Program to support developers in their efforts to create and market wireless applications. The program provides access to a wealth of services and support, including assistance in getting application ideas to market, training classes that range from overviews to in-depth courses, instantly accessible online technical support, application certification and industry-leading development software.

    CodeWarrior Developer Kit for Series 60 Platform - Included in the new CodeWarrior Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS(TM), Nokia 3650 Edition is the popular Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS(TM) v2, Personal Edition, and the newly released Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS(TM), jointly developed by Metrowerks and Forum Nokia.

    Play-by-Sync is a unique proprietary technology conceived by Infinite Ventures to enable multiplayer games across PDA's, Smartphones, and other devices, even those with no wireless connection. The first game developed using this concept is Lands of Shadowgate.

    Does your company have a developer tool or DSK that WDN should know about?
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