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WirelessDevNet Online Training

The categories below contain links to numerous on-line tutorials and resources available at If you would like to submit a tutorial, paper, or training resource, please send your contribution to

Please visit our growing list of Wireless Industry training courses and events

More Training & Special Contributions

  • An Introduction To XSLT and XPath
    In this article, we take a look at how you can use the Extensible Markup Language Transformation (XSLT) and XPath to transform XML so that you can tailor your content for different devices.

    An Introduction To VoiceXML
    Start building voice apps today!

  • Getting Started With Palm Query Application Development
    Building your first PQA to access Web Clippings on a Palm VII is a very simple undertaking. This tutorial introduces you to the basics and helps step you through the process.

  • An Introduction To Bluetooth
    Learn how Bluetooth will allow low bandwidth wireless connections to become so simple to use that they seamlessly integrate into your daily life.

  • Wireless Markup Language (WML) and WMLScript Tutorials
    Don't be left behind. Get started with WAP development today!

  • GSM, TDMA, CDMA, & GPRS... what is it? - People are often confused about some of the many acronyms and communication technologies that exist. A reader asked WDN to explain several of the common technologies that we hear about every day. Here's our reply. (02/01.02)

  • WEB APPLICATION TECHNIQUES TO AVOID WHEN GOING WIRELESS - Now that both Openwave and Nokia browsers are supporting XHTML Basic, WAP application programmers might be inclined to assume features like HTTP cookies and HTTP redirect are available to WAP applications just as they are in regular web applications. The reality is that WAP application programmers need to be careful. Read on for more from J. Werwath. (12.19.01)

  • Building Mobile Web Applications with .NET Mobile Web SDK & ASP.NET - ASP.NET-based Web development supports traditional Web clients such as IE and Netscape as well as mobile clients such as WAP phones and PDAs. In this article we’ll see how to develop mobile applications using the .NET Mobile Web SDK, ASP.NET and VB.NET

  • Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development - Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development, identifies some of the most common difficulties faced in bringing wireless applications to market and outlines future articles in this series

  • Introducing Wireless JMS - Deployment of Wireless message-oriented-middleware (MOM) on mobile devices. According to a recent Gartner report: "Given MOM's popularity, scalability, flexibility, and affinity with mobile and wireless architectures, by 2004, MOM will emerge as the dominant form of communication middleware for linking mobile and enterprise applications (0.7 probability)"..

  • The WDN Library - Look for numerous technical papers and education material provided by the wireless industry's leading names.

  • The Wavelink Architecture (PDF) - This white paper details Wavelink's solution to Enabling Enterprise-Class Applications Over Wireless Networks. Wavelink supports the world's most popular programming languages and device operating systems, and has now extended its expertise from wireless local area networks (WLAN) to the wireless wide area networks (WWAN) space.

  • Top Ten Pitfalls of Wireless Application Development - the first in a series of education contributions from our friends at Outr.Net

  • WDN Events - Our comprehensive events directory lists details of numerous training opportunities and educational seminars.

Training Around The Web!

  • WildPackets Academy - comprehensive network and protocol analysis training. Numerous training options, courses, and online training.


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