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Wireless Developer Network Mailing List
Mailing List Archives

Subject: Re: MobileLBSList: WAP/WML interoperable?
Date:  09/08/2000 09:36:02 AM
From:  Gould Carlson Michael

Thank you for your message. May I ask that you also include (POST) it
in our web-based forum? Just cut and paste your message into the
approriate box at:

My comments below...

Mensaje citado por: Gerhard Fasol <>:

> Gould Carlson Michael wrote:
> >
> > It„s interesting to see that in our strawman "hype cycle" model,
> > WAP/WML falls in the "trough of disillusionment" (as defined by
> > Group).
> Michael,
> your statements is interesting. I have to confess that I have not
read the
> paper by the Gartner groups which you are refering to, but even from
> Tokyo I can sense the "trough of disillusionment" if WAP/WML in
> Europe. Several of my friends in high-management positions at major
> European publishing houses and mobile carriers tell me about this.

Please keep in mind that the "hype cycle" concept is Gartner“s, and is
general. We then applied it, placing several interop technologies on
the curve in the position paper, as a discussion starter which seems to
have worked!

Another point is that WAP's place in the "trough" is not necessarily
Euro-sentiment...we are hearing similar talk from the US-based tech

> One friend (Vice-President in one of Europe's major publishing houses
> with global presence) even tells me that several of his colleagues
> their WAP-enabled handsets back into non-WAP handsets.
> However, I feel that these issues have much more to do with the
> implementation - both technical implementation as well as the business
> models applied by the various commercial parties involved (mainly the
> mobile carriers and handset makers).
> Why do I say this: WAP in itself is not unsuccessful. There is a
> where there is direct competition between WAP based wireless systems
> and an alternative (imode). Despite imode's well publicised success,
> WAP is also quite successfull in Japan, which over 4 million happy
> and this number is increasing rapidly. In fact, my personal guess is,
> most users don't care whether the data behind what they see and
> experience
> on the screen of their handset is WAP or chtml encoded.

Probably true. But what about data providers? Are they going to have to
produce or translate to X formats for X platforms? Where does
standardisation, and interoperability, come into play?

> Another point is, that many people in Europe when discussing WAP,
> internet etc overlook the basic fact, that of all the world's wireless
> internet users:
> 82 % are in Japan
> 12.5% are in Korea
> 5.5% are in Europe.
> (you can find more details in our imode-FAQ:
> )

Thanks for the link!

> So even from the purely statistical sense you have a very poor
> if you study only users and experience in Europe, when you are trying
> guess the future of wireless internet, position sensitive services

Again, our model (in position paper 5, is not
*necessary* representative of our personal opinions, rather a plausible
target (strawman) to shoot at.

We are hearing both good and bad about WAP, but I must say a compelling
argument against, comes from those who say that the increased bandwidth
inherent in 2/3-generation wireless services will make WML data rather
obsolete. We are interested especially in geographic information
(the "where?" of many many applications), some of which may demand high
res maps or even video.

Another argument says that much of the text data represented as WML
could just as easily be delivered, with today“s phones, using SMS
(short messages).

What do people out there think?

> We are a high-tech company in Tokyo/Japan and we will be delighted to
> with you regarding Japanese know-how and results relevant for your

Any first-hand information on the iMode vs. WAP debate would be very

> Best regards,
> Gerhard Fasol, PhD
> Eurotechnology Japan K. K.


Mike Gould
preANVIL project:

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