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Wireless Developer Network Mailing List
Mailing List Archives

Subject: RE: MobileLBSList: RE: building your own WAPsite with XyboWAP
Date:  09/08/2000 01:41:46 PM
From:  David Toushek

But are you not contradicting yourself?

>... figuring out a way to let the user know how to get to and use the
>value that already exists and that is being created.


>There is plenty of value even beyond these examples. The problem is
>the user doesn't know this, even if they look for it. I know about
>because of the distribution lists I'm on, and the wireless sites I

not popular = users don't know
popular = users know
very popular = many users know

Popular != valuable?
I think the Internet would not be as valuable today if it never became
popular! ??


-----Original Message-----
From: Myk O'leary []
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 1:55 PM
To: ''
Subject: MobileLBSList: RE: building your own WAPsite with XyboWAP

Popular != valuable.

I am not about to drudge through reams of crap to find value when I pay
minute and have to peck out information on a 10 digit keypad. In this
I truly believe less is more.


-----Original Message-----
From: David Toushek []
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 10:52 AM
To: ''
Cc: 'Emil Friis': ''
Subject: FW: building your own WAPsite with XyboWAP

I agree wholeheartedly. All I was suggesting is that a product like
XyboWAP ( would greatly help in making WAP valuable to the
end user, because it will make it more popular... wouldn't you agree?

>WAP doesn't lack value, it lacks the ability to show people what value
can (and does) add.

But the onus is not on WAP to make itself known, it is on the business'
that have WAPsites.
And a product like XyboWAP ( will put more business' on the
WAP scene.

More local business' having WAPsites = more business' promoting WAP =
more end users using WAP for daily lives = more end users promoting WAP.


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