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Wireless Developer Network Mailing List
Mailing List Archives

Subject: MobileLBSList: Patent claims
Date:  09/08/2000 03:39:07 PM
From:  Bryan Morgan

I wanted to see what others thought of this seemingly endless stream of
frivolous patent claims by technology companies. How can the government
continue to grant patent licenses to companies who clearly have not
developed a proprietary or even, unique, technology? Some examples:

*'s "One click" ordering
*'s process of "naming your price" for items
* Geoworks patent on using generic markup to format display on a wide
variety of devices - which led to their patent claims on WAP.

...and this gem from Cell-Loc (which affects LBS):

From May 2000:

"Dr. Michel Fattouche, president and CEO, Cell-Loc Inc. (TSE:CLQ), is
pleased to announce that the U.S. patent office has conditionally allowed
Cell-Loc to claim the delivery of handset-based wireless location content
and services over the Internet as its property, regardless of technological
method employed. This same patent application has been filed worldwide. "

Regardless of technological method employed?!? How is this possible?
Someone wiser than me please help me understand!!!


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