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Wireless Developer Network Mailing List
Mailing List Archives

Subject: Re: MobileLBSList: WAP/WML interoperable?
Date:  09/13/2000 05:33:08 AM
From:  Alistair Edwardes

>> >Which GI interop-related technologies do you think will get to the
>> >plateau??
>> >
>> General IT - XML (and XSLT), CORBA have reached the plateau - huge
>> investment relies on them
>What about the general argument out there that Corba is technologically
>sound but too darn complex to implement? Might people give up if a
>similar, simply Distrib Computing Platform comes along?

Maybe, but you can quite effectively hide a Corba wrapper from an
application developer, so the complexities can be left to specialists. Using
the example of java - RMI is built on IIOP, if a simpler platform does come
along there is every chance that Corba will still be at the heart of the
platform (?).

>Supposing WAP is fine for now, for how long to see its shelf life? 2
>years? More? Do big mobile-IT players put all (or most) of their eggs
>in that basket?
Maybe after all the've put their eggs into the 3G basket with it's as yet
uncertain future.

>And other simple XML+Java solutions are out there, waiting to be
>discovered, I suspect.
I think your right it's simple applications that service the information
needs of a mobile user, mobile multimedia is probably a red herring.

>Yes, indeed OGC is *very* keen on LBS, and will need a strong concerted
>effort to produce and maintain lightweight specs for that marketplace,
>which will soon be much larger than GIS.

What are your feelings on the current suggested interfaces, GetLocation,
WhereIsIt, WhereIsItInTermsIUnderstand, BuildPathway, Who'sThere?

I'm not clear as to what interface they actually address. I can see that
GetLocation, WhereIsIt, Who'sThere are useful for a location server but is
it the role of a location server to provide services such as
WhereIsItInTermsIUnderstand, BuildPathway these seem to be value added
services.The implication is that a mobile user will interface directly with
a location service - I can't see the usefulness of this. I guess the
confusion lies in exactly what reference model is being used. Do see a need
for a formal model or do you think that it is generally aggreed and

>> I also personally think that a deciding factor for the sucsess of GML
>> how
>> soon it will support topology.
>Yes, topology is on the to-do list.

What about time stamps?

Regards Alistair.

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